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SHAPE PHX Portal (Residential Projects) SHAPE PHX Portal (Residential Projects)
FSE Fixture Count Worksheet_blank Fixture Count Worksheet
Grading & Drainage or Grading & Drainage Offsite Improvements Combo_blank & Drainage or Grading & Drainage Offsite Improvements Combo
Grading & Drainage Residential Single Lot Record Checklist_blank & Drainage Residential Single Lot Record Checklist
Lag Screws and Lag Bolts Use and Installation_blank Screws and Lag Bolts Use and Installation
Proof of Service_blank of Service
Solar New PV Live Loads on Existing Building Roof Structures Citywide Interpretation_blank New PV Live Loads on Existing Building Roof Structures Citywide Interpretation
Construction Logistics Plan_blank Logistics Plan
Conversions to Condominiums_blank to Condominiums
Copyright and Public Records Procedure_blank and Public Records Procedure
Charitable Dropboxes_self Dropboxes
Damaged Inspection Checklist_blank Inspection Checklist
Dedications (Easements/Right-of-Way)_self (Easements/Right-of-Way)
Deferred Submittals_self Submittals
Development Advisory Board_blank Advisory Board
Development Center_self Center
Development Due Diligence_self Due Diligence
Development Impact Fees_self Impact Fees
Dustproofing (PDF brochure)_blank (PDF brochure)
Electrical Focus Group_self Focus Group
Adaptive Reuse Program (ARP)_self Reuse Program (ARP)
Electronic Plan Review (EPR)_self/pdd/onlineservices/electronic-plan-reviewEElectronic Plan Review (EPR)
Engineering, Civil_self, Civil
Environmental Assessment Declaration Forms_blank Assessment Declaration Forms
Event Permits_self Permits
Expiration, Extension and Reinstatement_self, Extension and Reinstatement
Expiration, Extension and Reinstatement - Permits_blank, Extension and Reinstatement - Permits
Expiration, Extension and Reinstatement -Plan Review_blank, Extension and Reinstatement -Plan Review
Building Codes_blank Codes
Reporting Non-Permitted Construction_self Non-Permitted Construction
Applications - Residential_self - Residential
Reporting Noise Complaint, After-Hours Construction_self Noise Complaint, After-Hours Construction
Public Records Request_self Records Request
Staff Rezoning Reports_blank Rezoning Reports
Aquifer Protection Permit (APP 4.01)_self Protection Permit (APP 4.01)
ARS 9-831-840_self 9-831-840
Auxiliary Water System_blank Water System
Backflow Prevention Program_self Prevention Program
Bleacher Permit Checklist_blank Permit Checklist
Bonding and Assurances_self and Assurances
Building Maintenance Registration Program_self Maintenance Registration Program
Building Permits, Commercial_self Permits, Commercial
Building Permits, Residential_self Permits, Residential
Census Data_self Data
Certificate of Occupancy_self of Occupancy
Change of Record Affidavit_blank of Record Affidavit
Civil Engineering_self Engineering