Approved Fabricator Resources

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​​​​​Welcome to City of Phoenix's Planning and Development page for approved steel fabricator shop listings!  The purpose of having City approved steel fabricator shops listed with Planning and Development is two-fold.

Being on the list accomplishes the following:

  1. Ensures the fabricator shop is inspected and accredited by a 3rd party agency.

  2. Saves customers time and money by bypassing required special inspections of fabricated products during the applicable project.

On this page you will find the following to assist you:

  1. Special Inspection Requirements information if a shop is not on our approved steel fabricator list.

  2. Our current list of 3rd party inspected and approved steel fabricator shops.

  3. Application and procedure packet to become a City of Phoenix Planning and Development approved steel fabricator shop.

- If you need further information, please contact our Inspections Administrative Staff @ 602-262-7811 or .