Wireless Facilities

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​The city of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance regulates the placement of Wireless Communication Facilities (WCFs) in Section 715. A WCF is a facility that sends and/or receives wireless communication signals and includes monopoles, antennas, microwave dishes, antenna structures, towers and related equipment enclosures. The ordinance encourages the use of concealment technology and promotes co-location on existing WCFs, buildings, or other structures. The ordinance also provides direction to ensure continuous maintenance of WCFs, enforces the timely removal of any unused or outdated facilities, and regulates the use of temporary WCFs. WCFs are classified as Concealed, Disguised, or Visible with specific development standards, approval processes, and design guidelines for each.

The majority of WCF installations require site ​plan review and approval for conformance to the Zoning Ordinance. The documents below provide guidance on the site plan review process.

Wireless Documents