How to Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer

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You have requested the use of Phoenix Police Officers to work at your business in the capacity of security or traffic.  A coordinator will be designated as a liaison officer between your business and the Phoenix Police Department to coordinate the needs of your business/event and fulfill the requirements of the city.  The coordinating officer is either chosen from a rotating list of police officers who have expressed a willingness to perform this important function or they may be designated or recommended by you. This information is to inform you of the officer's scope of authority as it pertains to your business.  Listed below are some of the guidelines the coordinators and officers working off-duty are expected to follow in regard to private off-duty employment. 

The Vendor should know the following:

  • A rotating list of coordinators is available to vendors who do not have a specific coordinator in mind.
  • Vendors can choose their own coordinating officer or switch to a different coordinator when unsatisfactory service is being provided.
  • Vendors should make sure that they have adequate commercial general liability coverage to cover any and all incidents involving off-duty police officers they hire.
  • The salary, payment method and terms of payment are negotiated between the vendor and the coordinator. The Police Department does not set the rate of pay for off-duty jobs.
  • Officers are prohibited from soliciting off-duty employment or soliciting employment as a coordinator. Officers should forward inquiries for off-duty jobs to the Off-Duty Work Detail.
  • The officers you hire are expected to provide you with the same level of service they would provide the public while in an on-duty capacity. The intent is to have a positive relationship between your business, the Phoenix Police Department and the public.
  • Police marked patrol vehicles can be requested and provided at an additional cost.

The Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Choosing officers who are best suited for the type of off-duty job requested and acting as liaison between the officers and the vendor.
  • Negotiating with vendors on amount officers will be paid along with terms, such as method of payment and whether the job will be paid based on an hourly rate or block rate. Police vehicles can be requested and provided at an additional cost.
  • Ensuring that a safe number of officers are requested and advising the Off-Duty Work Detail of major concerns and changes to the job information.
  • Ensuring officers arrive on time and fulfill the needs of the job.
  • The coordinator and the vendor must be in agreement in regard to actual time worked and the coordinator is responsible for making the necessary adjustments to an officer's pay stemming from leaving early or remaining late, depending on the terms of the job.
  • Quarterly reporting of all hours worked on all permanent jobs coordinated and ensuring the actual hours worked are reflected on the Coordinator's Quarterly Report Form.

Officers working off-duty are responsible for the following:

  • Officers must, at all times, adhere to the rules and regulations of the Phoenix Police Department and the City of Phoenix. 
  • Officers will enforce all local ordinances, state, and federal laws whenever needed or required according to Phoenix Police policy.
  • Officers are not to enforce the rules and regulations of a private employer as a condition of their employment, or at any time while employed by a private employer unless there is a violation of local, state or federal law.
  • Officers will not get involved in any employer/employee dispute unless there is a violation of law.
  • Officers will wear their authorized department uniform at all times while employed with a private employer unless written permission is obtained from the affected Phoenix Police Precinct Commander.
  • Officers will maintain a professional demeanor at all times.  
  • Officers are only provided limited liability coverage and worker's compensation coverage when they take official law enforcement action which arises while working for a private employer, provided the officer is acting within the course and scope of his or her duties as a Phoenix Police Officer. That is, taking official police action in the enforcement of local ordinances, state and federal laws.
  • In all other instances, off-duty officers should secure their own liability insurance coverage.

The following questions are commonly asked regarding requests for Phoenix Police Off-Duty Officers:

Q: Does the Phoenix Police Department allow its officers to work off-duty jobs? 

A: Yes, as long as the officers are approved through their Chain of Command.

Q: What types of jobs are Phoenix Police Officers available to work?

A: Officers can be hired to work various security jobs and traffic control. All requests must be approved by the Department on an individual basis.

Q: How do I know if an off-duty officer is right for my specific need?

A: Contacting the Off-Duty Work Detail is the best way to determine if an off-duty officer is right for your specific situation. The Off-Duty Work Detail can be reached at 602-262-7323 or by email at

Q: What is an off-duty coordinator?

A: An off-duty coordinator is an authorized Phoenix Police or Reserve officer given the responsibility to staff needed positions for the business/vendor or citizen.  They are responsible for billing and negotiating the cost for officers with businesses or citizens and also maintain the records required by the Department. The first step is to contact the Off-Duty Work Detail.  After providing information for the job, approvals by the Department are obtained before the job is assigned a coordinator and the job can be worked.

Q: Can I request a specific coordinator for my off-duty job?

A: Yes.

Q: How much does it cost to hire an off-duty officer?

A: Each job has unique characteristics that determine the rate that will be negotiated by the off-duty coordinator and the vendor.  The Phoenix Police Department does not set the rate.

Q: Can I obtain an invoice, contract or do billing through the Phoenix Police Department?

A: No, The Phoenix Police Department does not take part in setting the rate, any contracts, or billing. Anything to do with money is worked out between you (business/citizen) and the coordinator.

Q: What information do I need to get the process started?

A: To start the process you will need to provide the following information:

    • Date(s)
    • Hours officers are needed
    • Business name if it applies
    • Full mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Location address where officers are needed
    • Number of peak attendees if a security event
    • Number of officers requested
    • Will alcohol be served?
    • Any other information important to the job request.

You may also request a specific officer to coordinate the job at this time or you may allow us to go off of our rotating list of officers we maintain.

Q: Now that I am ready to hire off-duty officers, who do I contact?

A. Call the Off-Duty Work Detail at 602-262-7323 for assistance or send an email to:

Q: What do I do if I am calling on a holiday, weekend, or after hours and I need an off-duty officer in an emergency?

A: You would call the Phoenix Police Information Desk at 602-262-7626 and they will be able to assist you.

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