Post Storage Hearing for Vehicles Impounded

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Do I need to have a Post Storage Hearing?

No, however you are entitled to a hearing to determine the validity of the impoundment.

What is the timeframe for requesting a hearing?

A request for a Post Storage Hearing must be received by the Phoenix Police Department within ten (10) days from the date of the vehicle impoundment notice. If your request is received after the ten day period, we cannot grant you a hearing on this matter.

The hearing can be requested by telephone at (602) 495-2096, by FAX at (602) 262-1863 or in writing to:

Phoenix Police Department
Public Records and Services Unit/Vehicle Impound
1717 East Grant St. Suite#100
Phoenix, AZ  85034

Who conducts the hearing?

Post Storage Hearings are conducted by staff (hearing officers) in the Public Records and Services Unit of the Phoenix Police Department. Hearings are currently conducted over the telephone.

What will I have to prove in a hearing?

You must provide justification and or evidence as to why the vehicle should not have been impounded by the Phoenix Police Department. If you have any documentation, it must be provided to the hearing officer prior to or at the hearing.​

Is there a fee to have a hearing?

No, there is no fee for a hearing.

Do I need an attorney for the hearing?

No, an attorney is not needed. However, you can bring your attorney if you wish. The hearing process is informal and rather brief.

A Post Storage Hearing can only be requested by the registered owner, the owner's spouse, or the lien holder.

Additional Information:

The Post Storage Hearing is solely for the purpose of determining the validity of the impoundment. 

The Phoenix Police Department will assign the hearing officer.

After the conclusion of the hearing,  and the hearing officer will make a determination below based on the preponderance of evidence:

  • If the hearing officer determines the impoundment  improperly impounded pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute, the Phoenix Police Department will be responsible for the towing and impound fees.
  • ​If the hearing officer determines the impoundment was properly impounded pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute, the registered owner must pay the Administrative fee of $150 to Phoenix Police Department and towing and storage charges to the towing company in order to have the vehicle released.