Police - Transit Enforcement Unit

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Policing Phoenix Public Transit

The Transit Enforcement Unit (TEU) is a section of the Phoenix Police Department assigned to the Phoenix Public Transit Department. Overseen by a police commander and a lieutenant, the TEU includes patrol officers who respond to crime on the transit system, uniformed police assistants who ride various bus routes and patrol light rail platforms, and security guards stationed at various transit centers and park-and-ride locations.

If you have a security concern, here are numbers you can call:

Valley Metro Customer Service

Police Department 
Emergency - 911
Non-Emergency - 602-262-6151

Transit Watch

If You See Something, Say Something

The Public Transit Department is interested in your safety and comfort while you wait for your bus or train and while riding. As part of the Homeland Security Program - TransitWatch - the Phoenix Police's Transit Enforcement Unit encourages you to report suspicious activity on transit vehicles and at facilities.

Suspicious activity can include a range of behaviors, from leaving unattended packages on buses and light rail, to photographing or otherwise recording operation activity at transit facilities.

Graffiti and Vandalism

Buses are hard at work everyday, traveling the street for hours to provide transit service to the residents of Phoenix., and for those riders the buses should be in the best condition possible including being free of graffiti and vandalism.

Please report any graffiti or vandalism to the bus/rail operator, Valley Metro Customer Service or Phoenix's Graffiti Hotline (602) 262-7327.