Business Opportunities

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​​​Doing Business with Public Transit

The Phoenix Public Transit Department provides a variety of ways for the local business community to take part in public transit. You can learn more about our contract opportunities online​.​ If you are interested in advertising on ​Phoenix Public Transit buses and bus shelters, additional details can be found here​. ​

Small Business Program

In addition, the Phoenix Public Transit Department participates in the city's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program, which promotes participation of locally-owned and smaller companies in city procurement opportunities. For more information about SBE opportunities, visit the Equal Opportunity Department.

Transit Fare Media Vendor

If your company would like to sell transit passes​ to the public, more information is available by contacting Valley Metro. 

Details on Valley Metro's fare media outlet program are available by clicking her​e.

Homeless Service Provider Program

The Homeless Provider Program has transitioned over to Valley Metro's Social Services Fare Program. Please visit the following link for additional information. 

Social Services Fare Program​

Valley Metro's Social Services Fare Program is for approved 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, schools or government agencies serving individuals who are “Homeless" as defined in Title 42, Chapter 119, Subchapter I, Section 11302 of the United States Code. Learn more at