​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Zero waste webinar

Zero Waste Webinar Series

October 2020

​Debunking Recycling Myths

​Description: Is Phoenix really recycling the materials collected? Are hard plastics no longer being recycled? Is it true that a half-empty soda can placed in the recycling bin could cause an entire truckload of recyclables to be landfilled? We know you’ve asked these questions and now the Zero Waste team has straight answers for you while providing tips on how to recycle right. Find out the truths about recycling in this webinar!

Recording Link: https://youtu.be/WBNVA5Qn0Yw​

State of Recycling: How Arizona is Addressing the Three R's

Description: The entire country is struggling with the most popular R – recycling -- because of recent changes in the recycling market and the recent pandemic. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is working on potential programs to encourage local businesses to develop new manufacturing processes and products for recycled materials while promoting more of the other two R's--reduce and reuse. Presenter, JB Shaw, recycling coordinator for ADEQ, poses the questions: How we can look at the entire life cycle of products and reduce our environmental impact? Is it possible to find another reuse of a product instead of relying on a recycling program??  Tune in to learn more about the possibilities!  

Recording Link:​ https://youtu.be/OLXJ1L5T2js​


November 2020

​So You Think You Can Compost: Explaining the Fundamentals of Composting

Description: The city of Phoenix has a Compost Facility located on 27th Avenue that can process up to 55,000 tons of green waste per year! If you participate in the green organics program or have ever taken advantage of the city’s Christmas Tree drop-off program, those yard waste materials are sent to the city’s Compost Facility to become nutrient-rich compost for your soil. Jason Browne, manager for WeCare Denali, oversees the operations at the city’s Composting Facility and has a lot of knowledge to share about composting yard waste. Join Jason to learn more about the facility and composting process. Find out why the program is just for yard waste and not food waste and what happens after the composting process is completed.

Recording Link: https://youtu.be/xwajOgwMLSw​

Simply Sustainable Thanksgiving​: Water Conservation and Waste Diversion Tips for your Family and Guests

Description: ​​Thanksgiving can mean a lot of delicious cooking and cleaning for family and friends, which could also mean a lot of food products, packaging materials and even water wasted. You’re in luck because the Public Works and Water Services departments will team up to help you celebrate a more sustainable Thanksgiving, with less waste and less water use. The team will provide their valuable tips and reminders on how to properly dispose waste, including cooking grease and oils.  Make sure to join this fun and important discussion just in time for the holidays!

Recording Link: https://youtu.be/zjRauuvf_BM

​December​ 2020​

Seminario en línea de Cero Desperdicio: Destruyendo los Mitos de Reciclaje​

Description: ​​¿En realidad Phoenix está reciclando los materiales coleccionados? ¿Ya no se están reciclando los plásticos duros? ¿Es cierto que una soda media llena puede ser colocada en el contenedor de reciclaje puede ocasionar que una carga de camión llena de reciclaje que vaya al vertedero? Sabemos que usted ha hecho estas preguntas y ahora el equipo de Cero Desperdicio tiene respuestas directas para usted mientras le proporciona los consejos para reciclar correctamente. ¡Encuentre las verdades sobre el reciclaje en este seminario en línea!

Recording Link: ​ https://youtu.be/D6pxXVnR750​

Celebrating a Simply Sustainable Holiday Season

Date/Time: ​December 16, 2020 from 11 a.m. - noon ​​

Presenter: ​Eric MacDonald, Zero Waste Analyst, Phoenix Public Works and Alexis Yaple, Zero Waste Analyst, Phoenix Public Works

Description: ​​​Did your online shopping leave you confused by which shipping materials are recyclable? And what’s the difference in recyclability between all the different types of holiday wrapping material? Can holiday trees be composted? How do I recycle burned out holiday lights? If you have pondered these questions, tune into our short holiday webinar to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Recording Link: https://youtu.be/66jmzvHG6nY​