Why is the City promoting Electric Vehicles? 

Phoenix is a large city that requires the use of vehicles for residents to be able to travel from home to work and places of recreation that are located throughout the city. This results in emissions that may lower air quality. Lower air quality can have adverse health effects and environmental impacts. One part of the solution to improving air quality is to decrease emissions from transportation by increasing the adoption of electric vehicle (EV) to provide a more sustainable future for Phoenix residents like you.

EVs result in significantly fewer emissions, including ozone precursors, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases (GHGs), when compared to the traditional internal combustion engine that uses fossil fuels as the source of energy (even when including the emissions from the construction of the vehicle). Air quality can be improved with the use of EVs and greater improvements are expected as the electricity grid continues to transition to renewable sources of energy. The City of Phoenix is promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles as a primary solution to achieve our 2050 GHG reduction and air quality targets.

When driving an EV, you're not just getting from point A to point B. You're joining an inclusive movement that collectively and actively works towards a more sustainable tomorrow for Phoenix. In addition to promoting the use of personal EVs through installation of publicly available charging stations and outreach, the City of Phoenix is investing in a zero-emission bus fleet by 2040, along with continuing construction of the light rail. The City of Phoenix is also piloting electric micromobility solutions as part of this inclusive movement, so all residents of Phoenix can contribute to improving air quality while continuing to participate in the City’s prospering economy.

Please visit phoenix.gov/OEP/CAP to access the City's approved CAP. Help the City in prompting an EV adoption and charger installation plan for a cleaner and greener future in Phoenix. ​



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