Why is the City promoting Electric Vehicles? 

The City of Phoenix is currently enduring some of the worst air quality rates in the U.S.   Due to high concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), poor air quality can negatively affect visibility and the respiratory health of Phoenix residents. One solution to this air quality crisis is to increase electric vehicle (EV) ridership so we can provide a cleaner and greener future for Phoenix residents like you.

EVs result in 60% fewer GHGs from upstream emissions than its dirtier counterpart, the internal combustion (gasoline burning) engine. The City of Phoenix is promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles as a primary solution to achieve our 2050 GHGs reduction targets .

When driving an EV, you're not just getting from point A to point B. You're joining an inclusive movement that collectively and actively works towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow for the City of Phoenix.

Please visit phoenix.gov/OEP/CAP to access the City's approved CAP. Help the City in prompting an EV adoption and charger installation plan for a cleaner and greener future in Phoenix. ​