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More than many cities, Phoenix residents have a strong connection to the natural eco-system around them; most identify strongly with living in a desert.  The 2050 goal of having all residents within a five-minute walk of a park or open space is enhanced through two complementary actions:

1. Adding 150 miles of paths, greenways, and bikeways throughout the city, and transforming an additional 150 miles of canals into vibrant public space.  Phoenix has more canals then Venice, but significant upgrades are needed to make them widely used and enjoyed. 

2. Reducing urban heat-island through green-infrastructure (such as "cool roofs", permeable pavement, and stormwater capture) as well as doubling the current tree and shade canopy to 25% by 2030. Structured shade and trees facilitate increased walking and biking, increase property values, and, most importantly, can be used to create great public gathering spaces in communities. 

The city is currently exploring ways to plant more trees--particularly in areas with reduced tree canopy where additional shade is needed near transportation corridors to facilitate access to public transit.

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