​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Council Sustainability Officers Initiative 

What is a Sustainability Officer? 

The Sustainability officer is a position on the Student Council with the purpose of enhancing their campus thru implementing green events and educating the student body on sustainability. ​

Benefits to Participating Schools:

  • Increasing opportunities for grants, special funding and awards Increasing revenue from recycling and reducing energy and water costs

  • Being highlighted as a trailblazer and national leader on sustainability in schools

  • Increasing opportunities for scholarships in Sustainability

  •  Helping Phoenix reach its 2050 Sustainability Goals​​

​​Mission of program:

The mission of the program is to add Sustainability Officer position to Student Government with the goal of embedding sustainability on campus. ​


PXU Sustainability Officer Campus Framework

PXU Lead Sustainability Officer 2021-2022 School Year

Greening Events Guide for Schools – Coming Soon

Greening Events Implementation Guide


​​​Annual Sustainability Challenge:

The City of Phoenix, City Manger's Office of Sustainability hosts an annual Sustainability Challenge for the Phoenix Union High School District in partnership with ASU Sustainable Cities Network. The Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for high school students to learn and implement sustainable practices into their school.  Students use the Greening Events Guide for Schools to earn points in the challenge. The theme of the challenge changes each year. Check out some of our past challenges and winners! Past winners have received a combined total of $15,000 to embed sustainability on their school campus.


2021-22 Sustainability Challenge (January 31 - March 4, 2022)

This year's theme is Fashion for the Future​, with a different focus on the environmental impacts of fashion.
Week 1: Clothing water usage
Week 2: Deforestation
Week 3: Waste in the fashion industry
Week 4: Unethical labor practices
Week 5: Make the switch (to sustainable outfits)

Students earn points for their school by taking short, QR-code quizzes found around campus. In addition to the weekly challenges, students are encouraged to participate in a clothing drive throughout the 5 weeks. Clothing received not only benefits the community but also prevents others from buying fast-fashion clothes. Students also participate in a unique fashion show that only has one stipulation -- clothes cannot be worn conventionally.

Twelve schools from PXU are participating in the 2022 Sustainability Challenge: 
Alhambra, Bioscience, Betty Fairfax, Central, Cesar Chavez, Franklin, Maryvale, Metro Tech, North, Coding Academy, Trevor Brown, and Wilson. The top 3 schools with the most overall points will receive money for their schools to use toward sustainability efforts. First place gets $2,500!

Past Winners:                                                                                          

2019-2020 Green Games

1st Place: Franklin Police & Fire Academy

2nd Place: Bioscience High School

3rd Place: Cesar Chavez High School​

2018-2019 Green Yo Prom

1st Place: Bioscience High School

1st Place: Franklin Police & Fire Academy

3rd Place: Betty H Fairfax High School


2017-2018 Food and Fitness Challenge

1st Place: Linda Abril Education Academy

2nd Place: Alhambra High School

3rd Place: Wilson College Prep ​

Interested in starting a Sustainability Officer program at your school? Reach out to Emma Collins at emma.collins@phoenix.gov to learn more or get started!