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​Our goal by 2050 is to make walking, cycling, and transit commonly used and enjoyed in every Phoenix neighborhood. This goal will result in 90% of the population living within one-half mile of transit and 40% of the population choosing to commute by walking, biking, or transit. 

Currently, 86% of the population lives with one-half mile of transit, while less than 10% of the population currently commutes by walking, biking or transit.

The desired outcome of a sustainable transportation system includes making walking, cycling, and transit commonly used and enjoyed in every Phoenix neighborhood.  This will be accomplished through two key actions:

1. Implementing the Transportation 2050 Plan which includes:

  • Tripling the amount of light rail miles to 60

  • Allowing 90% of the population to be a 10-minute walk from transit through the expansion of routes and service frequency (and shaded bus stops)

  • Creating 300 miles of walkable bike paths, greenways and vibrant urban canal paths 

  • Encouraging walking and biking, and expanding the bike share system 

2. Lowering the carbon intensity of the current transportation system by 80% by:

  • Developing 15 vibrant compact complete centers throughout the city to provide the majority of services residents need within their local community

  • Encouraging environmentally friendly transportation modes and providing infrastructure for electric vehicles and low carbon fuel vehicles.

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