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​Our goal by 2050 is to make walking, cycling, and transit commonly used and enjoyed in every Phoenix neighborhood. This goal will result in 90% of the population living within one-half mile of transit and 40% of the population choosing to commute by walking, biking, or transit. 

Currently, 86% of the population lives with one-half mile of transit, while less than 10% of the population currently commutes by walking, biking or transit.

The desired outcome of a sustainable transportation system includes making walking, cycling, and transit commonly used and enjoyed in every Phoenix neighborhood.  This will be accomplished through two key actions:

1. Implementing the Transportation 2050 Plan which includes:

  • Tripling the amount of light rail miles to 60

  • Allowing 90% of the population to be a 10-minute walk from transit through the expansion of routes and service frequency (and shaded bus stops)

  • Creating 300 miles of walkable bike paths, greenways and vibrant urban canal paths 

  • Encouraging walking and biking, and expanding the bike share system 

2. Lowering the carbon intensity of the current transportation system by 80% by:

  • Developing 15 vibrant compact complete centers throughout the city to provide the majority of services residents need within their local community

  • Encouraging environmentally friendly transportation modes and providing infrastructure for electric vehicles and low carbon fuel vehicles.

What are we doing now?

Phoenix is achieving these goals by providing safe, clean, efficient, sustainable, multi-modal surface transportation systems consistent with Complete Streets policies to support mobility needs of present and future residents, businesses, and visitors within the city of Phoenix.

Bike Share

A new bike share network that will include up to 500 bicycles is being established throughout the city of Phoenix. Called GRID, the system will employ a fleet of fluorescent green bicycles that are rentable by the hour or through annual memberships. The bikes are emblazoned with an upbeat, smiling logo, and encourage users to "ride happy!"

Complete Streets
The Complete Streets program will establish guiding principles and practices so that transportation improvements are planned, designed, constructed, operated and maintained to develop an accessible, safe, reliable, efficient, integrated, convenient and connected multimodal transportation system that promotes active transportation and public health, and accommodates people of all ages and abilities, including pedestrians, bicyclists, users of mass transit, motorists, emergency responders, freight providers and adjacent land users.

The ReinventPHX project is a collaborative partnership between the City of Phoenix, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Arizona State University, St. Luke's Health Initiatives and numerous other organizations committed to developing walkable, opportunity-rich communities connected to light rail. Reinvent PHX will create action plans for districts along the light rail system to establish a community-based vision for the future and identify investment strategies to improve the quality of life for all residents.