Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles 

Electrified mobility, like electric vehicles, reduces harmful emissions from transportation and the overall cost of vehicle ownership. Emissions contribute to smog and climate change, worsen asthma and other respiratory illnesses. By shifting away from fossil fuels and electrifying how we get around, Phoenix residents will have cleaner air, better health, and lower transportation costs. With an ambitious goal to see 280,000 electric vehicles in the city of Phoenix by 2030, the region is rapidly becoming known as the “electric valley" with over 16 different EV-related organizations supporting the shift to transportation electrification including electric vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturing & recycling, and EV workforce training.

To meet its goal, the city has developed the Transportation Electrification Action Plan (TEAP)​  with input from a broad range of communities, utilities, equity advocates, clean transportation policy advocates, and business leaders. Its implementation will bolster EV charging infrastructure, drive community awareness, facilitate EV adoption, explore EV Ready building codes, increase equity in our community, and lead by example in transitioning the city's fleet to EVs.​

In addition to the TEAP, the City of Phoenix's Climate Action Plan (CAP) serves as a broader plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 as well as prepare for the impacts of climate change.  Please visit our climate homepage to view the CAP.


Electrify Arizona

The City of Phoenix is a member of the Transportation Electrification Activator group​ which is comprised of local utility providers and other community organizations committed to advancing transportation electrification for the benefit of all Arizonans.

Electrify Arizona exists to champion the EV transition by providing information and resources that help Arizona Residents make informed decisions about transitioning to electric vehicles. For more information on EV benefits, incentives, rebates, resources and more, visit electrifyarizona.org​

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