VITA Volunteer Resources

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Link and Learn Home Page

Link & Learn Taxes Linking Volunteers to Quality E-Learning

Link and Learn Certification Paths for E-Learning

linkLink & Learn Certification Tests, Getting-Started-Job-Aid.PDF 

IRS Publication 5358 Filing Season 2023: VITA ​Training and Site Materials for SPEC Partners and Employees​

IRS Publication 4012 - VITA ​Volunteer Resource Guide 

IRS Publication 4012 Updates-1.27.2023.pdf

IRS Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights

IRS Publication 4961 VITA - TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training

IRS Publication 4491 VITA Training Guide 

IRS Publication 5088 Site Coordinator Training

IRS Publication 5101 Intake - Interview and Quality Review Training 

IRS Publication 5166 VITA/TCE Volunteer Quality Site Requirements​

IRS Publication 5353 ​Intake/Interview &Quality Review Policy​

IRS Publication 5377 Practice Lab for VITA/TCE Partners and Volunteers

IRS Publication 5683, VITA/TCE Handbook for Partners and Site Coordinators 

​​IRS Publication 6744 - VITA Volunteer Assistor's Test-Retest 

​​​VITA CE Credits 

IRS Understanding Taxes: The Quick and Simple Way to Understand Your Taxes

2022 - 23 VITA Training Videos

Links to the updated training videos for 2022. These are edited versions of the 2021 videos to reflect changes for 2022:

What’s New for Arizona – TY2022


VTA 2023-01, Voter Registration Information (

​VTA 2023-03, EITC updates​​

QSRA 2023-01 Quality Reviews.pdf

VTA 2023-04.pdf

VTA 2023-05, State Payment Tax Guidance​


VITA Site Coordinator Corner Web Site​

FACT SHEET - For Partners and Employees, Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models

IRS Publication 3676, IRS Certified Volunteers Providing Free Tax Preparation (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 17 Tax Guide 2022​​

IRS Publication 4942 - Health Savings Accounts (HSA)​

IRS Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights

​​ IRS Publication 4836, VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs  (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 4053, Your Civil Rights are Protected (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 5455- VITA Reporting Data Breaches

IRS Publication 5088, Site Coordinator Refresher Training
IRS Publication 5166, IRS Volunteer Quality Site Requirement

IRS Publication 5310, VITA Tax Return Quality Review Job Aid​

​IRS Publication 5324, Fact Sheet Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models​.pdf

IRS Form 6729 -D (2022) VITA Site Review Sheet​


2022-23 013614-C Client Intake Sheet Eng

2022-23 013614-C Spa

13206 Blank Repo​rt.xlsx  (Due the 3rd of each month)

6729 - D Site Review Sheet​

IRS Publication 850 (EN-SP) English-Spanish Glossary of Tax Words and Phrases, 2018.pdf

FSA Instructions Revised Feb 2020.pdf

TaxSlayer Tags and Notes

​​Volunteer Sign-In.pdf

Taxpayers Responsibility Poster.pdf

VITA Tax Return Quality Review Log.pdf

What We Prepare Poster IRS Pub 3676a.pdf

At Capacity Sign New.pdf

Quality Review Waiting List.pdf

Spanish Taxpayer Declaration 300.pdf

VITA Customer Sign-In Sheet.pdf

VITA Tax Preparers Log With QR.pdf

Chinese Global Carry Forward Consent_.pdf

​​English- Spanish 2020-21 VITA Documents Checklist.pdf

 VITA Relational Consent 1-22.pdf

Spanish VITA Relational Consent 1-22.pdf

​​2022 Weekly SPEC OPI Usage Log.xlsx


linkVITA Greeter-Screener Job Description.pdf

linkVITA Tax Preparer Job Description.pdf

linkVITA Site Coordinator Job Description.pdf

linkVITA Training Instructor Job Description.pdf