Frequently Asked Questions

Water Related Service Issues- Learn about numerous water service related issues, including how to deal with water leaks, water pressure issues, water emergencies, draining and backwashing your pool.

Sewer Related Service Issues - Learn about numerous sewer related issues, such as sewer backups and overflows, dealing with grease in your home's sewer lines, and what to do if you think cockroaches are coming from the sewer.

City Services Questions 

Why am I being charged for a deposit?

We require a deposit because we bill for services after they have been provided.  In many cases, deposits can be waived with a good utility credit rating from a utility service.  For instance, the request can be made to a servicing provider of your water, gas, or electric.  It must contain at least 12 months of payment history, have no more than two (2) delinquencies and no turn offs.  Once you have obtained the letter of credit, please submit using the City Services Bill Documents button at PHX At Your Service.  Please note, the document has to be in non-editable format such as PDF.  Photgraphs or screen-captures of documents are not acceptable.  A return check or service disconnection may result in the assessment of an initial or additional deposit.

When will my deposit be refunded?

The deposit will remain on your account for 12 months of on-time payments.  Deposits are applied to your account after this time.  If you turn off service before your deposit is applied, the deposit will be applied to your final bill.  If your final bill results in a credit balance on your account, the balance will be refunded to you by a check and sent to the mailing address you provide to us, when turning off services.

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