Development Occupational Fees

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​​Development Occupational Fees (DOF) are collected to defray costs associated with the demands and burdens on the City's water and wastewater systems when residential, commercial and industrial uses are connected to these systems.  Development Occupational Fees are used for capital expansion or enlargement of the City's water and wastewater systems or debt service.  As such, these fees reduce or offset calculated gross water and wastewater development impact fees.

Development Occupational Fees apply when new buildings, additions and remodels require new water meters or an increase in meter size.   Residential water and wastewater Development Occup​ational Fees are flat fees and vary only with the type of use (single-family residence, multi-family unit, or mobile home).  If the development qualifies for the City's infill housing program, the fees are waived with limitations.  Commercial and industrial water and wastewater Development Occupational Fees are calculated based on meter size and type and can vary.

Fees for developments within the City of Phoenix are collected by the Planning and Development Department prior to issuance of building permits.  Fees for developments outside the City are collected by the Water Services Department prior to connections to the City's water and wastewater systems. ​

Development Occupational Fees (DOF) were adopted by the city Council on November 1, 1984 (Ordinance G-2664/G-2665/G-2666/G-2667). These fees were created to defray the cost of providing public improvements required by the city as a result of new development. They are broken down into two types: Residential and Commercial/Industrial fees.

​A. Calculating DOF Fees

Water and Sewer DOF fees are the same. The figure you obtain for the Water DOF fee is used to calculate your Sewer DOF fee. You simply add the two fees together to obtain your total DOF fee, (i.e. Single-Family residential project: Water DOF $600 + Sewer DOF $600 = Total DOF $1200; Commercial project: 1" water meter within City = Water DOF $1,500 + Sewer DOF $1,500 = Total DOF $ 3000;

B. Residential Fees (Use chart below):​

Type of ResidenceInside City FeeOutside City Fee*
Single Family$600.00$900.00
Mobile Home Space420.00630.00
Apartment or Dwelling Unit In a Multiple Family Development360.00540.00

C. Commercial and Industrial Development Occupational Fee will be based upon meter size.

Water Development Occupational Fees are based on three (3) factors: water meter size and water type (disk, compound, turbo) and if the side is inside or outside the boundaries. Sewer Development Occupation Fees are the same as water DOF fees.​

Water Meter SizeMeter TypeInside City FeesOutside City Fees
​5/8"Disk$ 600$ 900
1 1/2"Disk2,7604,140

If you have additional questions contact the Water Services Infrastructure Record Services Division at 602-495-5601.​