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Water Resources Acquisition Fees

​​Water Resource Acquisition (WRA) fees were adopted by City Council on August 30, 1989 (Ordinance G-3265) and they have been effective since April 1, 2001, per Section 30-4 Phoenix City Code.  These fees were created to require new development to pay its proportionate shared of the costs to the city associated with providing water resources to new development. Fees are calculated by meter size and location of the proposed development within the city.  Currently, the City is divided into three fee zones: WRA1, WRA2 and WRA3. 

The City has undertaken a process to review and recommend changes to development impact fees to reflect updated facility’s costs and development forecasts as prescribed by City Code, and to ensure full compliance with changes to the State impact fee statute (ARS 9-463.05) that resulted from SB 1525.  As part of this update, changes to the Water Resource Acquisition Fee (WRAF) are also being proposed.  The WRAF was last updated in 2008 with Council adopting a schedule to phase in fee increases beginning in 2010.  A State moratorium on impact fee increases prevented the 2008 Ordinance from taking effect as scheduled.  In 2011 City Council approved an amendment to the 2008 Ordinance that would authorize the full fee beginning August 1, 2014; by which time updated impact fees including WRAF were anticipated.  As a result of delays in completing impact fee updates, in June 2014 Council approved an amendment to postpone implementation of the 2008 WRAF for one additional year, or until a revised fee is adopted. 

​Read about proposed changes for the Water Resource Acquisition Fees​

For more information about Water Resource Acquisition Fees, contact the Phoenix Water Services' Water Resources and Development Planning Division at 602-261-8367.

See the Water Resource Acquisition Fee Map

The fees listed below were effective April 1, 2001, per Section 30-4 Phoenix City Code


Meter Size

​On-Project Areas (WRA1)

​Non-Member Areas or Off-Project Area South of Jomax Road (WRA2)

​​Off-Project Areas North of Jomax Road (WRA3)

​​3/4" Displacement or Multi-jet

​$      78

​$     639

​$     950

​5/8" Displacement or Multi-jet




​1" Displacement or Multi-jet




​1 ½ Displacement or Multi-jet




​2" Class I & II Turbine




​​3" Compound




​3" Displacement




​4" Displacement or Compound




​4" Class I Turbine




​6" Displacement or Compound




​6" Class I Turbine








​10" Compound




​10" Class I Turbine




12" Class I Turbine




​Mobile Home










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