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News and Updates 

Current Status (as of 1/14/22)

Project 1 News

​Access to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve 

Myrtle Tunnel, Myrtle Trail and Myrtle Wash

Myrtle Tunnel has reopened.

Work along Perl Charles Memorial Trail

Perl Charles Memorial Trail (#1A) remains closed as construction of the 66" pipeline continues.

To reach the 22nd Street trailhead, go:

  • north on 20th Street

  • east on State Avenue

  • north on 22nd Street

Other open routes within the Phoenix Mountains Preserve:

  • 32nd Street trail

  • 40th Street trail

  • Mesquite trail

  • Quartz Ridge trail

  • Piestewa Peak Park​

  • Trail 100​

North of Granada Park 

Work on the 66" pipeline continues north of Granada Park; proceeding north on 21st Street. Lawrence Road is closed to traffic, as is the intersection of 21st Street and Lamar Road.​ Work is currently at Flynn Wash.​ The construction in this specific area is estimated to be complete in early 2022. See the project 1 section for more details.

Project 2 News

Bell Road to Greenway Road

Work continues on Bell Road from 31st Street to 32nd Street, and minimal traffic controls remain in the area. Related work is underway near the site of the future booster pump station on 31st Street south of Bell Road. The pipeline will continue south on 31st Street to Greenway Road. 

Sections of 31st Street are being closed, one by one for approximately three weeks, as construction proceeds. No on-street parking is permitted in the construction area. 

Work is currently active on 31st Street at Tierra Buena Lane.  

Greenway Road

The beginning of the boring (tunneling) phase for the 66" pipeline beneath the intersection of 32nd Street and Greenway Road is now aiming for mid-January.

  • Eastbound and westbound traffic will be directed to the north side of Greenway Road, one lane in each direction.
  • Left turns from Greenway Road south onto 32nd Street will be maintained.
  • Left turns from Greenway Road north onto 32nd Street will be restricted.
  • Through traffic will be maintained but restricted on Greenway Road and on 32nd Street.

Greenway Road to Thunderbird Road

Due to continued work and progress on the 12" distribution line, traffic flow in the area of 32nd Street between Claire Drive and Thunderbird Road is subject to change. Watch for signage around the job site. Additionally, when the 12" distribution line undergoes testing, some night work and water shutoffs (with advance notice) will be required. 

Thunderbird Road to Sweetwater Avenue

Work between Thunderbird Road and Sweetwater Avenue has reached the phase of trench clean-up. Through traffic on Sweetwater Avenue is maintained, but restricted. Traffic on 32nd Street is directed to the west side (southbound lanes). Left turns in the area are restricted. 

Sweetwater Avenue to Cactus Road

Installation of the 66" pipeline continues south of the intersection of 32nd Street and Sweetwater Avenue, working toward Cactus Road. Through traffic on 32nd Street is restricted to one lane in each direction.

Work is currently active on 32nd Street between Larkspur Drive and Bloomfield Road (near Phoenix Fire Station 27). In addition, below-ground boring is underway at 32nd Street and Cactus Road.​

BASIS Phoenix Primary Access

To minimize traffic back-up along 32nd Street during pipeline work in the area, BASIS Phoenix Primary student drop-off and pick-up has been moved to 31st Street as follows.

From Cactus Road, proceed south on 30th Street. From Shea Boulevard, proceed north on 30th Street. Then continue:
  • East on Sunnyside Drive
  • North on 31st Street
  • Pick up on east side of 31st Street
  • Exit north to Cactus Road on 31st Street
This traffic pattern will remain in effect through May 26.

Residents in the area can expect heavy traffic Monday-Friday during drop-off (7-8 am) and pick-up (3-4 pm) times. Speeds will be limited to 15 mph in the area.

Northern Avenue 

Northern Avenue between Cheryl Drive and 26th Street is restricted to local access only while tunneling work is performed under State Route 51/Piestewa Freeway. Freeway access at 32nd Street and 26th Street is maintained.​

See the project 2 section for more details. 

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Project Overview

The Drought Pipeline Project is essential to the economic health and vitality of Phoenix.  This project will ensure all residents have access to safe, reliable, clean drinking water during future times of shortage on the Colorado River.​

As part of this project, the city will update and replace existing infrastructure and install new infrastructure needed to serve all customers, no matter where they live or work in the city's service territory. Learn more about why this project is needed.​ ​

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