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​Drought Pipeline Project -​​ Project 2​

Drought Pipeline Project Area 2 Map

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Project 2 of the Drought Pipeline Project includes the installation of a 66-inch “transmission main” along 32nd Street up to Bell Road, and a large booster pump station just south of Bell Road at 31st Street.  

There  are several phases top the Project 2. The first phase is the installation of a 66-inch pipeline and valve at Bell Road and 32nd Street. This phase started in November 2020 and was completed in mid to late February 2021. Then installation began on the pipeline at 32nd Street and Bell Road in June, and is due to be completed in mid-September. 

The transmission main phase along 32nd street down to the SR51 will be used to move additional water from a Phoenix water treatment plant that uses Salt River Project (SRP) water to an area further north in the city that would normally use Central Arizona Project (CAP) water. That phase of Project 2 is expected to begin in late summer 2021.

See the links below to learn more about impacts to traffic flow and project specifics.



66-inch pipeline installation - 32nd Street, Sweetwater Avenue to Cactus Road​ (PDF) 

66" Pipeline Installation - Street Closure - 31st Street and Paradise Lane ​(PDF) 

31st Street Pipeline Installation, Aire Libre to Greenway Road​ (PDF)

Tunneling under the intersection of 32nd Street and Sweetwater Avenue​ (PDF)

66-inch pipeline installation - 31st Street, Bell Road to Greenway Road​ (PDF) 

12-inch water main relocation - 32nd Street, Acoma Drive to Thunderbird Road (PDF) 

12-inch water main relocation, 32nd Street, Nisbet to Acoma Drive ​(PDF) 

12-inch water main relocation - 32nd Street and Cactus Road​ (PDF) 

66-inch pipeline installation - 32nd Street and Thunderbird Road (PDF)  

SR51 to Bell Road 66-inch  Pipeline Construction Update ​(PDF) ​

Northern Avenue road restrictions - between Cheryl Drive and 26th Street​ (PDF) 


Pipeline Rehabilitation and 24-Hour Pumping near 26th Street and Beryl Avenue (PDF)


Dreamy Draw Bike Path and Pedestrian park access closures, including Pleasant Tunnel ​(PDF) 

Dreamy Draw Park roadway and recreation area closures (PDF) 

Perl Charles Trail 66-inch Pipeline construction notice​ (PDF) 

Perl Charles Trail (1A) closure starts June 10 (PDF)  

Myrtle Tunnel and Myrtle Trail will be closed starting July 19, 2021​ (PDF) 


Pipeline and Pump Station Projects (PDF)  ​


Drought Pipeline Project Details and timeline (PDF) 

Major Streets Coordination - Businesses and Surrounding Community (PDF)

Neighborhood Coordination (PDF)

SafetyAwareness & Community Coordination  (PDF)


66-inch Pipeline Project 


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