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Colorado River Shortage Town Halls​​​​

Watch a video of one of the recent Town Hall meetings​​​​

​​Phoenix Water Forum
Colorado River Shortage 

Watch the video of the recent Water Forum - Dec. 5, 2022​​​​

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What to Expect During the Stage 1 Water Alert

​Under a Stage 1 Water Alert declaration, Phoenix will increase public education and outreach to give customers an understanding of the situation and educate them on why voluntary water conservation will ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

During the early stages of stressed water supplies, Phoenix will ask its customers to voluntarily evaluate and reduce their water use in ways that will have minimal impact on their lifestyles. At this time, there will be no mandatory water reductions or restrictions. 

Phoenix will continue to provide clean and reliable water to its customers without interruption. Phoenix's Colorado River supplies are some of the highest priority supplies within Central Arizona and will not be reduced in early shortage. The majority of Phoenix's water portfolio comes from the Salt & Verde rivers.  Phoenix has access to additional supplies in the Salt & Verde rivers, groundwater and reclaimed water. Phoenix's effective water management and efficient water use provide the foundation for a thriving economy. 

Pink Cactus Flowers in the DesertHow You Can Prepare

Phoenix has a culture of conservation and using water wisely increases our resiliency during shortage. Phoenix has reduced its water use by 30% per capita over the last 20 years even with an increase in population of over 400,000 people. Being efficient with water is part of our long-term water management. 

Here are some ways to conserve water at homes and ​​businesses:​

Simple, low-cost conservation solutions:

Substantial conservation solutions:

  • Choose xeriscape by planting native or desert adapted trees, shrubs, and groundcover that require little water once established. Learn more.

  • Upgrade to water-saving toilets and a low water use dishwasher and washing machine.

  • Cover swimming pools to reduce evaporation.​

Phoenix is taking steps internally to ensure its operations are as efficient as possible.

Water Pipeline​What We Have Been Doing

​While asking residents and businesses to do their part, the City is increasing its conservation outreach effort. For example, the Phoenix Water Conservation team expanded its homeowner's associations outdoor water efficiency program to reach more neighborhoods. After meeting with just six associations, the Water Conservation team identified a potential for more than 20 million gallons per year of savings – enough water to supply 184 families for a year. As more HOA's participate, Phoenix expects even more water savings.

​The City has worked hard to develop a sustainable water supply and has been designated by the State as having a 100-year assured water supply. In addition, Phoenix recycles nearly all its wastewater, delivering it for use in agriculture, energy production, urban irrigation, aquifer recharge, and riparian wetland maintenance.​

Phoenix has been preparing for shortage for decades and will continue to adapt and prepare for deeper shortages. Phoenix has a robust and diverse water portfolio, with multiple sources and contingency supplies. We have invested in infrastructure, underground storage of water and conservation in anticipation of a Colorado River shortage. Phoenix will continue to plan, invest and conserve to ensure sustainable growth.