Water and Wastewater Engineering Policies

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​Annexation Request - Residential Property Owners Requesting New Water Service from the City of Phoenix - Download Request Letter

Agreement for Annexation - Residential Property Owners Requesting New Water Service from the City of Phoenix - Download Agreement Letter

​​​​​Policy 21 - Water Tap and Sewer Tap Service Location - Download Policy 21 

Policy 51 - Sewer Service Lateral Maintenance Policy - Download Policy 51

Policy 57 - Standard Procedure for Bacteria Sampling of Newly Disinfected Water Mains - Download Policy 57

Policy 68 - Information to be Furnished on "As-Built" Water Plans - Download Policy 68

Policy 69 - Information to be Furnished on "As-Built" Sewer Plans - Download Policy 69

Policy 77 - Procedure for Repayment Agreements - Download Policy 77

Policy 78 - Policy Governing Applications for Water Meter and Service and the Providing of Water to Developers and Builders for Construction and Fire Protection (Only Hard Copy Available **)

Policy 82 - Policy Governing Applications for Fire Hydrant Construction Meters and the Providing of Water to Developers for Construction - Download Policy 82

Policy 84 - Unmetered Water Use for Settling Trench Backfill (Only Hard Copy Available **)

Policy 85 - Information to be Furnished on "Record Drawings" CIP Plans - Download P​olicy 85

Policy 101 - Requirements for Water Service Lines in Cluster Type Developments - Download Policy 101

Policy 102 - Procedures for Review and Approval of General Aquifer Protection Permit Type 4.01 Privately Owned and Operated Sewage Collection Systems and Lift Stations (revised 9/07) - Download Policy 102

Policy 103 - Policy and Procedures for Wastewater Collection System Planned Capacity Allocation for New Developments - Download Policy 103

Policy 104 - Policy on Reduced Easement Standards for Incentive Ownership Projects and Residential Ownership Projects within the City of Phoenix Infill Development Incentive Districts - Download Policy 104

Policy 105 - Policy and Procedures for Obtaining Retail Water and Sewer Service to Areas Located Outside City of Phoenix Limits - Download Policy 105

Policy 106 - Procedure for Issuance of Water Meters to Mixed Use Developments - Download Policy 106

Policy 107 - Procedure for Appealing Water and Wastewater Requirements - Download Policy 107

** Available in hard copy format only at the 8th Floor Infrastructure Record Services Counter - Phoenix City Hall.
For more information contact the Water Services Infrastructure Record Services Division at 602-495-5601.