Tres Rios - FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tres Rios mean?
Tres Rios is Spanish for "three rivers." The Salt, Gila, and Agua Fria Rivers join together near Avondale Boulevard. 

Is the Tres Rios Wetlands open to the public?
Yes. Non-motorized recreation is permitted from 91st Avenue to Avondale Boulevard with a free access permit. Permits are valid for unlimited visits for six months between sunrise and sunset.

How can I obtain a permit? 
Click on the "Request a Permit" link on your right, enter your contact information, and you will automatically receive a permit via email. If you do not have access to email, please call 602-495-7998 for assistance. 

What can I do at Tres Rios? 
The project was designed with passive recreation activities in mind – walking, hiking, bicycle riding, birdwatching, horseback riding, photography, fishing, etc. There is much to see along the Salt River.

Is fishing allowed?  
Fishing is permitted on City of Phoenix property with both a Tres Rios Access Permit and valid
Arizona Game and Fish Department fishing license for individuals over 10 years of age.  License information can be found at

Can I hunt at Tres Rios? ​
Hunting in the Tres Rios Wetlands is strictly prohibited. Violators may be subject to arrest pursuant to the following laws; 13-3107, Unlawful discharge of firearms; 13-1201, Endangerment; and 13-2904, Disorderly conduct. Please report illegal hunting, target shooting or other violations to the authorities and be aware of your surroundings when visiting Tres Rios.

Are off-road, all-terrain vehicles permitted?  
No. All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lot at 91st Avenue. Off-road vehicles disrupt wildlife, erode soil, damage vegetation, and disturb other visitors. Please note, the areas surrounding Tres Rios include private, state, and Indian community land. Driving in the river bottom is not permitted.    

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