Birder Information

The presence of emergent wetlands, riparian ecosystems, mesquite forests, and upper Sonoran Desert vegetation at Tres Rios make this area a paradise for migrating and year-round residents.  Birders and wildlife photographers interested in obtaining a Parking and Ingress Permit should send their postal mailing address to

Permits are issued during normal business hours Monday – Friday.  Please allow five (5) days to process your request and receive your permit. 

Below are bird count reports made by birders at the now closed research wetlands. When the new wetlands is open to the public, we will encourage birders to visit and make reports like those below. Meanwhile, the reports below can be used as reference as to the type and number of birds that have visited Tres Rios in the past, and perhaps the future.

Bird in treebird in flightHerons at top of tree

Tres Rios Bi​rd List

For a comprehensive list of bird species, view this Printable Checklist.​

Download a map of the Tres Rios Wetlands, which includes parking information