Special Events More Than 50 People

​Page last updated on January 20, 2021

In response to the pandemic, Governor Ducey signed Executive Order 2020-43 (PDF) Slowing the Spread Of COVID-19. Effective June 29, 2020, organized public events of more than 50 people are prohibited unless the city, town, or county in unincorporated areas has approved the event, and only if adequate safety precautions are implemented, including physical distancing measures.

Effective Dec. 3, 2020, Governor Ducey signed Executive Order 2020-59 (PDF) which further clarified public events. This order states:

Organized public events of more than 50 people are prohibited unless the city of Phoenix has determined that adequate safety precautions which are consistent with the guidance issued by both the CDC and ADHS for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 are documented as part of the request. Prior to approval by the city of Phoenix, the organizer shall commit to implementation and enforcement by event organizers. Additionally, if the event is approved, the city shall dedicate reasonably adequate resources to enforcing mitigation measures that the organizer has agreed to implement during the organized public event and any public health requirements currently applicable in the jurisdiction. The city may deny a request for an organized public event due to public health concerns related to COVID-19. Any approval may be subject to certain conditions or restrictions not inconsistent with this or any other executive order. Nothing shall inhibit a person from engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion, and any legal or court process provided that such is conducted in a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the extent feasible. 

Update: Private events or events not open to the public and hosted on private property no longer require the city's approval no matter how large they are.

On this page you may download a PDF application to submit to the City of Phoenix to get approval to hold a special event for more than 50 people.

Please note: All public events requiring an operating permit shall first complete and submit this pre-application regarding the event’s COVID-19 practices and procedures. This application is intended to provide insight into the event, and it’s planned operations, procedures and considerations for the response to COVID-19. The provided information will be used in the review and evaluation process. This application does not replace any other event permit application required by any other agency/department. If this application is approved the event must still submit for and obtain all necessary event permits and licenses. This application provides no guarantee the event can be held.

Also note that approval does not mean guests, or staff, are not at risk from the COVID-19 pandemic. No pathway can establish with 100% certainty that no one will contract the virus.  Additionally, the City of Phoenix accepts no liability, and offers no indemnification, for anyone electing to attend the planned event.

How to Submit an Application for a Special Event for More Than 50 People

  1. Download English Application (PDF) to your computer 
    or Spanish Application (PDF)

  2. Fill out the form and SAVE it your computer

  3. Prepare an email to corey.williams@phoenix.gov

  4. Attach the saved Application PDF to the email

  5. Attach any secondary information required to the email

  6. Send the email

For application questions please call (602) 262-6771


Approved Special Events

Fine Arts Expo. January 15, 2021 (PDF)
Runner's Den Pancake Run. February 7, 2021 (PDF)
M3F Fest. March 5-6, 2021 (PDF)
Herberger Theater (PDF)


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