New Construction

New Construction Installations and Modifications

All life safety system installations or modifications require a Fire permit. Most permits require a plan submittal and review prior to the permit being issued and inspections conducted. There are over-the-counter permits for small system modifications that require no plan review. 

Construction Permits Issued by Fire Prevention

Construction permits are required for the installation or modification of fire protection equipment and some system installations, such as compressed gas.  Most construction permits require the submission of plans (blueprints) for review and approval by a Fire Code Official, some require approval from a City of Phoenix Fire Protection Engineer. Click here for a Plan Review Application.

The following new construction permits are processed by Fire Prevention:

  • Anhydrous Ammonia System - Install or Modification
  • Carbon Dioxide Gas System Installation or Modification
  • Compressed Gas System - Installation or Modification
  • Cryogenics Fluid System  - Install or Modification
  • Combustible Dust or Fiber Producing Installation or Modification
  • Emergency Communications Installation
  • Fire Apparatus Access Road
  • Fire Life Safety Report Review - submit the same as plans
  • Firefighter Breathing Air Systems - Install or Modification
  • Flammable/Combustible Liquid Tank – Installation / Modification
  • Flammable/Combustible Liquid Pipeline/Manufacturing or Refining Installation or Modification
  • Haz Mat Tank, Gas Cabinet, Enclosure, Room, Drain or Containment Area Installation & Modification
  • Liquid Propane Gas Flare Off
  • Liquid Propane Gas System Install or Modification
  • Liquid Propane Gas Exchange Program Installation & Modification
  • Private Hydrant Flow Test
  • Removal of Fire Protection System(s)
  • Spray Booth/Room/Area - Install or Modification
  • Temporary Fire Lines / Hydrants

Construction Permits Issued by Planning & Development

This following fire permits plan review and inspections are conducted by the fire plan reviewers in the Planning & Development Department. Click here for applications.

  • Address Directories - large complexes Installation or Modification
  • Alarm System Dialer Replacement Only
  • Automatic Hood System - Install or Modification
  • Automatic Sprinkler System Installation or Modification
  • Emergency Access Signage & Striping Permit Installation & Modification
  • Dedicated Function Monitoring  (Dialer) Installation & Modification
  • Fire Alarm Installation & Modification
  • Fire Life Safety Report Review - submit the same as plans
  • Fire Pump Installation & Modification
  • Fire Lines U/G 1 Tap & 4 Connections Installation & Modification
  • Pre-action System Installation & Modification
  • Smoke & Heat Vents Installation or Modification
  • Smoke Removal or Control System Installation & Modification
  • Special Extinguishing System -- Installation or Modification
  • Standpipe (not part of a sprinkler system installation)
  • Stationary Lead Acid Battery System Installation & Modification
  • Underground Fire Line Stubout Over the Counter Permit
  • Vehicle Access Control Device Gates - Manual or Automatic

After a plan has been reviewed and approved a permit will be issued.  Call for an inspection, upon completion of the inspection and compliance with the Phoenix Fire Code a permit will issued.