Frequently Asked Questions

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8How often is the job posting information updated?<div class="ExternalClassD677600BD5D54BD8A378C163A8D0CA84"><span><p>New job postings are usually opened on Mondays. Please note that the availability of each position is subject to change at any time.</p></span></div>
9Can I apply for more than one job at a time?<div class="ExternalClassE2F75C260C4F4D47A175D77B210E346D"><p>​Yes. You may select multiple positions by clicking in the box(es) to the left of the job title(s) of the jobs for which you are interested and then clicking "Apply Now". The same application information will be submitted for each position selected.</p></div>
1Do I have to apply for jobs on-line? What if I don't have a computer or need some help?<div class="ExternalClassC9410172B2964C59B98368E814D2BC78"><span><p>The job posting will include information in the "How to Apply" section; however, in most cases you must apply on-line.  If you need assistance, contact the City's Human Resource Connection Center between 7:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday by calling (602) 495-5700. </p><p>City libraries and <a target="_blank" href="" title="Arizona@Work">Arizona@Work </a>(formerly known as Workforce Connection) sites have computers for public use. Arizona@Work also assists with preparing resumes. Please contact the City of Phoenix Arizona@Work sites for assistance with computers and resumes: North Phoenix: 602-861-0208; West Phoenix: 623-245-6200; and South Phoenix: 602-534-5902.</p></span></div>
10When applying online, what is the difference between "Save as Draft" and "SUBMIT"?<div class="ExternalClassD6E423D820AC47C58415A7F564B75783"><span><p>The "Save as Draft" can be done many times to save your work, but "SUBMIT" can only be done once. It is important to click "SUBMIT" prior to the application close date, otherwise you will not be able to submit any draft applications. In most cases, the application process will be straightforward enough that you will want to simply upload your resume, answer the online questions, and hit "SUBMIT."</p><span><p>More information on these functions:</p><p>Save as Draft -You can save your application as a draft at any time by clicking on the Save as Draft button. Do this so you don't lose any information. If you Save as Draft you will still be able to edit your information prior to submitting it. You can edit your draft application by logging in, then look for My Career Tools, then look for the Applications link. Do not let the job posting expire before submitting your application. If the job is no longer open, you will not be able to submit a draft application.</p><p>Submit - You must click the Submit button when your application is complete for your application to be considered by the Human Resourcese Department. If you do not click Submit your application will remain in draft status. After clicking Submit you will see a Self Identification information section and a Terms and Agreements section. You must agree to the Terms and Agreements before your application will be accepted.</p></span><p><br></p></span></div>
11​If I have saved an application as a draft, can I submit it after the position is no longer open for application?<div class="ExternalClass14C37D3DF3464B088967D3871642F3F7"><span><p>No. We cannot accept applications after a position is no longer open for application. Please make note of the application closing date for each position you are applying for and make sure you submit your completed application by that date.</p></span></div>
12I submitted an application for a position, but some of my information has changed. Can I change my application information?<div class="ExternalClassA82D65025190421CA15F841D5F0C1E48"><span><p>You can change your profile information (name, address, contact information) at any time by logging in and selecting the "My Profile" link on the Careers page. In terms of your work experience, education, etc., once you have pressed "SUBMIT", you will not be able to change the information on the application or any resume that you submitted. However, if the job it still posted on our web site, you may be able to apply again for the same position and submit any new information or resume. To do this, simply look at our current list of jobs, and apply for the same title if it appears. You may get a warning message. If the message says "You have already applied, do you want to continue?" you may go ahead and reapply. If the message says your application has already been evaluated, you will NOT be able to reapply.</p></span></div>
13Do I need to submit an application for a specific title in order to apply?<div class="ExternalClassE5A67D5DFD1B4466942A1DC24612BAD1"><span><p>Yes. We do not accept resumes or applications unless you are applying for a specific title that is currently open.</p></span></div>
14When is my application due?<div class="ExternalClassA099F05469944739BF19D89838AAE781"><span><p>All online applications must be submitted no later than midnight on the closing date for the position. Refer to the job posting for any applicable closing dates. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.</p></span></div>
15Can I print my application?<div class="ExternalClass7DE89B80B9484B48910C4B3A9D2B724B"><span><p>You can review submitted applications by logging in, then look for My Career Tools, then look for the Applications link. Then you can use your web browser print function to print the application.</p></span></div>
17How can I receive e-mails of job postings that match my search?<div class="ExternalClassCF1C9C069536435C94F945C600F4F35D"><span><p>Start by logging in and from the Careers Home page, click on "Job Search". After you select your criteria, click on "Save Search." You can then name the saved search. If you would like receive e-mail notifications of job postings that match your search criteria, check the box that says "E-mail me when search criteria is met". Then enter your e-mail address in the next field.</p><p>This is a great way to keep track of opportunities at the City of Phoenix. When you receive the e-mail, you can click on the link back to the City's web site and complete the online application.</p></span></div>
18How do I know that you have received my application?<div class="ExternalClass0FCC720AF9D64FCEA966DA9B575B2B66"><span><p>Once you submit your application and agree to the conditions of application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. This confirmation can only be sent if you provided an e-mail address in your profile.</p></span></div>
19How do I view applications I've submitted?<div class="ExternalClass49DADECFBD9D467DA1DBA213130F6EDB"><span><p>You may view the applications you have submitted by logging in, clicking on "My Career Tools", and then clicking on "Applications".</p></span></div>
2Help - I can't remember my User Name or Password.<div class="ExternalClass39234C7C9DD74CD8BF71BD2EE919FE0C"><span>There is a self-service option for <strong>Login Help</strong> located in the upper right Login Box.  You can request that your User Name be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you registered.  If you forget your Password, you can request that the system assign a new password and send to the e-mail address that you provided.</span></div>
20How will I be notified if my application or resume meets the minimum requirements?<div class="ExternalClassA9D0232E1DDB4A6FA5401BD917FB4D48"><span><p>The job posting will indicate how notification will be sent, either by e-mail or US mail.</p></span></div>
21How long after I apply might I be called for an interview?<div class="ExternalClass2FE75296F8974DB197D7291FCF187F25"><p>​The time varies depending on the length of the selection process for each position. The hiring department will directly notify the applicants that they decide to interview (typically by phone).</p></div>
22Who can I contact for specific questions not listed here?<div class="ExternalClassE413C125DDEE41EA8B402396266F5BE2"><span><p>City of Phoenix Human Resources Department<br>251 W Washington Street<br>Phoenix, AZ 85003<br>Email:  <a href=""></a></p><p>Phone: (602) 495-5700<br>TTY/TDD (602) 261-8687</p></span></div>
3I have a new e-mail address or can't remember which e-mail address I used when setting up my account.<div class="ExternalClass5B27B2039989400893DC84816587AD13"><span style="color:#000000;font-family:'source sans pro', sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:22.4px;"></span></div>You will need to call the Human Resource Connection Center at (602) 495-5700 to add or change your e-mail address. We are available from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  You will be asked to provide information which establishes your identity. After this is completed, you can use Login Help section (see above) to request the User ID and/or Password be sent to your new e-mail address.​
5When I try to access the application, I get an error message that will not allow me to see the page. What can I do?<div class="ExternalClass7F67CBDC15DD4C299B65967373384007"><span><p>Try closing your web browser and then opening it again. After you re-open the browser, delete your temporary internet files and cookies. To do this, on your browser's toolbar click Tools, then Internet Options. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Cookies and also Delete Files. After you have completed these tasks, you should be able to access the application.</p><p>If you are still having problems, contact your systems administrator or Internet service provider, as they may have a firewall installed that is preventing you from viewing our page.</p></span></div>
6When I try to upload my resume, I get an error message that says "Your Resume could not be parsed at this time." What is causing this?<div class="ExternalClass7F527B8B743B4348B99EE1EC91C3DB15"><span><p>At least four situations causes this:<br>1) you have accidentally named your resume document with consecutive period symbols (i.e., Resume..doc), or<br>2) the file name itself is too long or has too many special characters (i.e., City of Phoenix-BUDGET ANALYST III- Cover Letter and Resume-10-31-08.doc); try simplifying the file name to something like Resume.doc, or<br>3) the file size of your resume is too big (exceeds 10MB); try deleting large graphics or reduce the number of pages, or<br>4) you are accidentally hitting the Upload button without first selecting a file using the Browse button.</p></span></div>
7How can I view more information about one of the job postings?<div class="ExternalClass325DDEDB47DE44A3A32B33A769E84968"><span><p>Click on the job title for a full description of the position. If you want to apply for that job, just click the "Apply Now" button on the posting.</p></span></div>