Free tax services three ways

1. Do-It-Youself, but let us help!

do it yourself

Prepare your own taxes for free with the knowledge we are here to help if you need it. To request the software send an email to vita.taxhelp@phoenix.gov​​


2. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 

VITA logo 

Qualified residents can meet with an IRS-certified tax preparer at one of our VITA Sites.


3. Use free tax software at an​y where, anytime!


Free software by            MyFreeTaxes.com takes you step by step through electro​nically filing your taxes. 


Program Qualifications(PDF)
What to Bring(PDF) 
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The City of Phoenix Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program has three alternatives for filing taxes for those meeting eligibility requirements. Free services ensure all taxpayer's income, deductions and allowable credits such as the  Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)* are claimed and increase taxpayer education while promoting self-sufficiency.  Save hundreds of dollars in paid preparer fees. First come, first serve.

You have choices when it comes to getting your taxes done with VITA:


1. Do it Yourself (Facilitated Self-Assistance) do it yourself

· Prepare your own federal and state tax return using our FREE online software in the comfort and safety of your home

· There are no income limitations and no fees

· Interview-based software helps you file an accurate return

· Available in Spanish

· File electronically and get your refund faster

· You will have access to your tax return at any time with your secure log-in

· Requires basic computer skills and access to last year's tax return

· Volunteers will be available to answer basic tax law questions within the scope of the City of Phoenix VITA Program

Send an email to vita.taxhelp@phoenix.gov to receive the FREE tax preparation software link and instructions.

Watch a video to learn how to use the Do It Yourself ​system. 

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are requiring an appointment for all tax services and have implemented new safety measures for this year. Please help us keep both you and our volunteers safe by complying with all safety procedures. 

2.  Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Virtual Drop Off 

· Certified IRS tax volunteers prepare and e-file tax returns 
· For low to moderate income taxpayers ($57,000 or less per household)

​​                    Schedule Your Qualifying Appointment Now! 

​How to Get Services at a VITA Site

1. Reserve an appointment for a prequalifying screening by telephone (use link below). Calls will last approximately 10 minutes.​

2. To prepare for your prequalifying screening appointment gather all your tax documents together. A complete list of tax documents can be found on the right side of this page. 

3. To prepare for your prequalifying screening appointment download and complete Intake/Interview Form 13614-C (English)/ (Espanol).  Screeners will not answer tax law questions.  

Drop Off Appointment (10-15 minutes)

4. Once it has been determined that you qualify for services, our volunteers will schedule you for a Drop Off Appoi​ntment at a VITA site. Appointments must be schedul​ed through email or phone. Appointments will last approximately 10 minutes. 

5. During your appointment, the VITA site will make a copy of your original documents and schedule a Pick Up appointment for you. We are not be able to download or accept tax documents electronically. 

6. Please ensure that you follow all safety precautions listed in the instructions below. Stay home if you have recently experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 or are not feeling well. The wearing of masks is required at all times. 

Tax Preparation Processing

7. During the VITA tax preparation process you may receive a phone call from a VITA Volunteer asking clarifying questions. Please ensure that you respond promptly to their call. 

Pick Up Appointment (10-15 minutes)

​8. Taxpayer(s) required to sign the return must be present to acknowledge responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided and to authorize electronic filing of the tax return. Appointments will last approximately 10 minutes. Note: Only those persons who must sign the tax return will be permitted into the building. 

Questions? Please email your questions to ​vita.taxhelp@phoenix.gov or call (602) 534 8359.


VITA Client Instructions and Forms

Document Check List (English) / (Espanol(PDF)

Intake/Interview Form (English)​ / (Espanol)​​​​

COP Consents to Use and Disclose Tax Return Information.pdf

COP Consents to Use and Disclose Tax Return Information Spanish.pdf

Thie Intake/Interview Form is the primary form that the taxpayer fills out. Please complete all pages. 

Page 1 provides demographic information including names (legal names as on Social Security Cards or ITIN letters), birth dates, address, phone numbers, and relationships. Only include individuals who are living with you and who you will be claiming as dependents. 

Page 2 is a checklist to identify the types of income and expenses that you may have. You should have documentation for all income and expenses. Also check the “Life Events” section for special tax issues or situations. 

Page 3 asks questions about your filing options, payment/refund methods, and more demographic survey questions. 

Page 4 gives you an option that only affects your return preparation next year. If you come back to the same VITA site next year, the site will have your basic demographic information in the system “carried forward” from this year. This makes preparation of your return quicker, easier, and often more accurate. Your correct names, tax IDs, addresses, and birth dates will already be in the system. If you sign this page then your information will be “globally carried forward” to all VITA sites. We recommend you sign this but it is totally your option.

Consent to Disclose & Consent to Use 

These are two almost identical pages that we ask you to sign. This gives us the ability to include the refund and tax credit amounts from your return with the totals of other clients at the site so that we can report the results of the program to partners, funders and the public. This is important for us to receive grants and other funding to help pay for this free tax service. No personal identifying information such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, or Social Security Numbers will be used or disclosed for any purpose. Again, we request your approval but it is totally your option.​ We ask that you complete and sign each form prior to coming to the VITA site.  

3 . Myfreetaxes.com

· Self-paced, step-by-step guidance to file both Federal and State tax returns online for free
· IRS certified tax volunteers available via online chat
·You can complete in your own home

·​No income limitations