Phoenix Family ​Advocacy Center​

Our Mission​

To provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, homicide, and other violent crimes; and to take a leadership role in educating the community about the impact of violence.

If you have been a victim of a crime, we are here to help.

Crime victims of all types may experience trauma, which can be displayed in many ways.

Physical:  Someone who has experienced physical trauma may have serious injury or shock to the body, as from a major accident.  Intense stress reactions may also occur: Increase of breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate and muscles may tighten.  Exhaustion, inability to sleep, headaches, increased or decreased appetites, or digestive problems may be a symptom of trauma.

Emotional:  A crime victim may experience emotional trauma that may have long-lasting effects.  Emotional trauma may take many different forms:  Shock or numbness, denial, disbelief, and anger.​

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Paint Phoenix Purple

Paint Phoenix Purple is a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence.  The City of Phoenix and more than 50 partners including businesses, civic organizations, educational institutions and faith communities are working together to create a culture where domestic violence is no longer tolerated. 

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Visit the  website for more information and resources to help raise awareness.



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The FAC serves as one central location for victims of violence to receive a wide range of ​services. Through partners​hips with community-based organizations and other City departments, the FAC provides comprehensive victim advocacy, counseling, case management, support groups forensic medical examinations, and investigative interviews.  ​

Domestic Violence Information

Sexual Violence Information​

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month



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