​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Strategic Initiatives 

The Strategic Initiatives section's mission is to combat Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Youth Violence, Sex Trafficking and HIV/AIDs through prevention, training, service provision improvement and community awareness. A vast variety of partnerships including advocacy groups, businesses, law enforcement agencies, schools, and medical professionals are utilized to achieve this mission.​

Paint Phoenix Purple

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The City of Phoenix plan to address awareness, prevention and response to domestic violence; click HERE to learn more...

Youth Violence Prevention

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​The Strategic Initiatives team works closely with youth serving organizations and high schools, to provide education on healthy relationships, identifying red flags, and available community resources; click HERE​ to learn more...

L​et's Talk Teal


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The City of Phoenix's efforts to raise public awareness about Sexual Violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it, click HERE​ to learn more...

Join us in April for 

Let's Talk TEAL 
Sexual Assault
Awareness Month​​

Show your support for this annual campaign by wearing teal on Tuesday, April 6.​ wearing denim on April 28, and using #LetsTalkTeal #SAAM2021 on your social media throughout the month to raise awareness!

April 6 - Wear Teal Day
April 28 - Wear Denim Day

The City of Phoenix's partnership with the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence​ and the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance seeks to raise public awareness about Sexual Violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it.


If you or someone you know needs victim services, call the Family Advocacy Center at 602-534-2120. If case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1​.​


 Fast Track Cities Initiative

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Fast Track Cities works towards ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030; For more information, click ​​HERE​... 

The Compass Plan
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The City of Phoenix task force and workplan addressing and combating Human Trafficking, click HERE​ to learn more... 


The Strategic Initiatives team has several partnership opportunities for businesses, organizations, school districts, and the community.  Additional information is attached. 

  • Community/School Awareness Presentations
  • Staff Trainings and Train-the -Trainer
  • Resource Fairs
  • Awareness-themed Local Sporting Events
  • Item Drives

For more information, call 602-262-4946 or e-mail sergio.gomez@phoenix.gov.