Upcoming & Online Exhibits

Explore Pueblo Grande Museum exhibits online!

Through Google Arts & Culture, Google Maps, and Google Street View platforms, Pueblo Grande Museum has the ability to share its collections and exhibits to a wider audience all around the world. 

Take a look at artifacts not currently on exhibit in the Museum, view past exhibits no longer on display, and take a tour of the outdoor archaeological site all on a laptop or mobile device.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming exhibits to be featured in the Museum as well!

Take a tour of the inside Museum galleries at Pueblo Grande Museum with Google Street View.

Go for a walk on the outdoor interpretive trail through the archaeological site with Google Maps.

Get to the the artists of Canyon Records in the abbreviated online exhibit of One World, Many Voices: the Artistry of Canyon Records which was featured at Pueblo Grande Museum from October 2016 to August 2017.

​Discover the ancient artisans of the Sonoran Desert in the online exhibit The Hohokam: The Land & The People, featuring artifacts from Pueblo Grande Museums collection.