​More than 41,000 acres of Phoenix desert and mountain parks and preserves offer everything from busy, arduous summit climbs to secluded, meandering valley walks.  41 trailheads provide access to more than 200 miles. 

*Dogs are prohibited on Camelback Mountain's Echo Canyon and Cholla Trails, and the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail year-round. And remenber dogs are prohibited on ALL city of Phoenix trails when the temperature is 100 degrees or warmer.



Heat Advisory & Restrictions for Dogs on Trails3Heat Advisory & Restrictions for Dogs on Trails<div class="ExternalClass0B12337F359B4FDC8525C8706510E9B5"><p>We are expecting triple digit heat during the daytime hiking hours.  We are strongly recommending that hiking only be attempted in the early morning and evening hours.   Take a moment to review these <a href="/parkssite/Documents/Take%20a%20Hike%20-%20Do%20it%20Right.pdf" target="_blank">"Take a Hike. Do it Right."</a> safety guidelines.  Check your <a href="https://weather.com/weather/today/l/USAZ0166:1:US" target="_blank">local forecast!</a> Make sure to bring ample water, do not allow your water supply to fall below halfway before you begin your return to the trailhead.  <a href="/parkssite/Documents/Trail%20Rating%20Guide.pdf" target="_blank">Review the difficulty ratings scale used to grade the trails</a>.  When the temperate is above 100 degrees, all trail ratings are elevated a minimum of 1 level.</p><p><strong><em>Dog Restrictions: </em></strong> Please remember that ALL Phoenix Parks and Recreation trails prohibit dogs be present when the temperature reaches or exceeds 100 degrees.  This temperature level is <a href="http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/pets_safe_heat_wave.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/" target="_blank">extraordinarily dangerous</a> to our K-9 friends due to their unique biology.  Do not subject you dog to the dangers of triple digit heat!</p></div>4/1/2017 7:00:00 AM8/31/2017 7:00:00 AM

Please Note: There are no ramada reservations on major holidays including Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving (and the Friday following), Independence Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and any other holiday recognized by the city of Phoenix. On these holidays, all desert-preserve based ramadas are available on a first come, first served basis.