Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area​


NE 7th Ave. Trailhead
2801 S. 7th Ave.

NE Central Ave. Trailhead
2439 S. Central Ave.

SE Central Ave. Trailhead
3131 S. Central Ave.

SE 7th St. Trailhead
2875 S. 7th St.

SW 7th Ave. Trailhead
3212 S. 7th Ave.

16th St. Trailhead
3203 S. 16th St.


Trailhead & Trail Hours:

Sunrise to 7 p.m. or Sunset, whichever comes first


Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center

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Contact Information:

Ranger Office: 602-262-6863

E-mail us at Rio Salado Habitat and Restoration Area 

Administrative Office: 602-495-5458

Contact Natural Resource staff regarding resource management at desert preserves or call 602-261-8318



​The Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area offers a mix of paved and dirt trails. Most trails are relatively easy and feature smooth surfaces and moderate to minor grades.

The goal of the Phoenix Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project is to restore the native wetland and riparian habitats that were historically associated with the Salt River, which once flowed year-round through what is now Phoenix. Please remain on designated trails, do not enter the ponds or river channel, remove rocks or flowers, disturb wildlife, throw rocks into ponds, and keep dogs on leashes on the asphalt trails.

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area Important Notices:

When Visiting the Park:  Important Environmental Information

When visiting the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area please take extra consideration to help protect the sensitive riparian habitat.  For your enjoyment and protection of the habitat, please respect the following park rules and regulations:

  • Dogs must remain on a leash to protect wildlife and for your pet’s safety; dogs are allowed on the asphalt trails only; please pick up and remove all pet waste, as it can be extremely harmful to the ecosystem
  • Remain on designated trails for your safety and habitat protection
  • Do not harm, remove, harass, or feed wildlife or birds
  • The removal, defacing, or destruction of plants and trees is prohibited
  • Alcoholic is prohibited; including parking areas
  • Glass containers are prohibited; including parking area
  • Cigarette smoking is prohibited; except for inside an enclosed motor vehicle in the parking area
  • Swimming, bathing, wading, fishing, and boating are not permitted
  • Amplified music is prohibited
  • Vending and commercial sales are prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles are restricted to designated parking areas
  • Motorized skateboards, scooters, shopping carts, and wheeled devices are prohibited

Take a hike, do it right.

Trails rating guide

*Please add an additional level of difficulty during seasons with warm temperatures.

Additional Information:

Educational and Interpretive Programs

Click to browse or register for programs. You may also call 602-262-6863 for more information.

Group Visits & Field Trips
Educators  will find the Rio Salado Habitat a great resource for their students. If your group is looking for a specialized program, please contact us as we can help coordinate an educational opportunity especially for you. To inquire about a group visit or field trip, call 602-262-6863 or complete and submit an Activity Request Form.