​Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area​​



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​The Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area aims to restore the native wetland and riparian habitats of the historic Salt River, which once flowed year-round through Phoenix.

With a variety of paved and natural trails, most with smooth surfaces and minimal elevation changes, Rio Salado is a popular location for hikers hoping to spot one of the hundreds of species of birds that use the area as a seasonal migratory path.

To protect the delicate ecosystem, we ask that special care be taken when visiting Rio Salado.  We ask that visitors remain on designated trails; keep dogs leashed and on paved trails; refrain from disturbing the wildlife; and that nothing be taken or moved from the habitat area.  Additionally, fishing is strictly prohibited.


Trail Map & Descriptions


NE 7th Ave. Trailhead
2801 S. 7th Ave.

NE Central Ave. Trailhead
2439 S. Central Ave.

SE Central Ave. Trailhead
3131 S. Central Ave.

SE 7th St. Trailhead
2875 S. 7th St.

SW 7th Ave. Trailhead
3212 S. 7th Ave.

16th St. Trailhead
3203 S. 16th St.


Trailhead & Trail Hours:

Sunrise to 7 p.m. or Sunset, whichever comes first.

Register for Hikes and Outdoor Nature Programs

Contact Information:

Ranger Office:

Natural Resources Office
(Business Hours Only):

Contact Natural Resource staff regarding resource management at desert preserves
or call 602-261-8318

Take a hike, do it right logo 

Review "Take a Hike. Do it Right." guidelines before visiting the trail.  The symbol to the right of each trail name represents the difficulty rating.

Trail rating guide 

*Add an additional level of difficulty when the temperature is in the triple digits. 


Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center

Audubon Center Birds of Rio Salado


Educational Field Trips

The Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area is a great resource for educators; providing students a hands on opportunity to explore a riparian habitat that is renown with ornithologists and wildlife photographers.  Our knowledgeable Park Rangers can create tailored educational opportunities for your group.  To inquire about coordinating a field trip, call 602-262-6863 or E-mail the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area Park Rangers.