Development Guidelines & Interpretations

​​​​​​Development Guidelines and Interpretations - All links are PDF documents.

Accessibility, Bar Counters Modification
Accessibility, Booths
Accessibility, Occupant Load Exemption
Accessibility, Parking Standards
Accessibility, Requirements for Residential Occupancies
Accessibility, Service Counters
Accessibility, Significant Changes-ICC A117.1 2003-09
Accessibility, Significant Changes-2006-12 IBC
Accessibility, Sinks for Employee Use
Accessibility, Site Guidelines
Accessibility, Swimming Pools
Ambulatory Care Facilities
Backflow Preventer Requirements
Civil Sequence Guide, New Subdivisions
Classrooms, Adult Education Facilities
Code Modification Guidelines​​
Communications Equipment
Dedication Guidelines
Drainag​​e Systems, Private Pressure in ROW
Electric Meter, Early Placement
Electrical Submittal Requirements Interpretation
Electrical Fences, Industrial
Emergency Generators, Gas-Fired
Emergency Lighting Branch Circuits
Energized Equipment
Energy Star Version 3 Interpretation
Energy Testing Interpretation
Equipment and System Sizing
Fences and Walls, Permits Needed
Fences, Location, Permits and Inspections Policy
Fences, Portable Livestock
Field Changes Policy, Inspections
Fire Resistance Rating of Structural Members Columns
Floodplain Guidelines
Gas Delivery, Elevated Pressure
Grading & Drainage, Previously Developed Residential Single Lots
Green Code Alternative Compliance
Industrial Machinery Electrical Inspection
Medical Marijuana Occupancy Classifications
Metal Buildings, Structural Technical Guideline
Motion Sensor Controlled Illumination
On-Site Retention
Parking Calculations, Retail Centers
Patio Covers Guideline
Pedestrian Walkways Policy
Permit By Inspector, Commercial Guidelines

Plan Review Checklists
Plan Review Retention
Plumbing, CPVC Piping

Plumbing, Occupant Load
Plumbing Fixtures, Separate Facilities
Podium Buildings
Pool Barrier Materials Interpretation Pool Barriers Requirement
Property Lines Interpretation
Proportionality Guidelines, Civil
Proportionality Guidelines, Site Planning
Proportionality Guidelines, Traffic
Residential Arc Fault Guideline
Residential Cooling Systems Sizing Guideline
RESNET HERS Rating as Alternate
Retention Basin Sideslopes Policy
Retention, Infill & Redevelopment Parcels
Right of Way, Scope of Overtime Work
Signs and Billboards
Signs in Drainage Ea​sements
Smoke Alarms, Residential
Solar Panel Connections
Solar Voltaic Structures and Live Loads
Spray Booth Guidelines
Spray Foam Insulation Information Sheet
Standard Plan Use of Proposed 2012 IRC
Storage Racking Systems
Stormwater Drainage Ordinance
Structures in ROW, Guidance
Temporary Event Power Guideline
Temporary Generators
Temporary Indoor Building Use, Egress Lighting
Toilet Room Finishes
Tracer Wires, Plastic Underground Pipe
Transformer Fault, Open Face
Transformers, Outdoor Oil Insulated
Turnaround Policy, Inspections
Valuation Guide- Materials, Labor, Overhead​
Ventilation, Natural
Verifying Legal Access Policy
Wall, Masonry without Permit
Water Heater, Residential Garage
Water Meter, Sizing
Window Replacement without a Permit
Window, Emergency Escape
Windows, Reuse

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