AFP Registration Packet

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Individuals who officially represent a business or facility qualified to participate in the Annual Facilities Program (AFP) must complete the AFP packet and return it accompanied by a check for the registration fee. Please take time to read all the information provided. When registering with the program you are agreeing to comply with standards set by the city of Phoenix. Registrations are valid for 12 months from the time Planning & Development approves enrollment in the program.

For further questions, please call 602-262-7501.

Listed below are the documents that comprise AFP's registration packet:

  • AFP Description
    This document provides the history as well as an overview of the program and requires the signatures of both the individual representing the owner and of the agent for the registration.

  • Section 117 Construction Code
    These are the Administrative Provisions to the Phoenix Building Construction Code pertaining to the Annual Facilities Program.

  • Building Owner/Legal Representative Letter
    A letter is required indicating the owner or manager authorizes implementation of the AFP Program for the indicated buildings. All work requiring a permit shall be submitted through AFP.

  • Introduction
    Lists all the documents needed when returning the AFP packet for registration.

  • Application/Registration Form
    This form must indicate the owner's representative, his/her address, and phone number. It also requires the registered professional's seal and signature, along with the professional's address and phone number. Please return the original application - not a copy - and include the appropriate application fee. For questions regarding fees, please call 602-262-7501.

  • Facility Location Sheet
    Complete a Facility Location Sheet even if the registration covers only one site. Identify every location you wish to include in this registration and list the square footage of each location. In the event there are numerous locations, space is provided for you to identify each location by number or other designation. In the future, these designations may be incorporated to assist in identifying individual fees and inspections. Assigning identifiers is optional.

  • Fiscal Form
    Indicate to whom the billing should be sent to provide prompt payment of services rendered. List his/her name, mailing address where invoices are to be sent, and telephone number.