AFP How the Program Works

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​​​​The Annual Facilities Program is an administrative system intended to simplify the permitting and inspection process for facilities by allowing inspectors to review plans and issue permits. Staff consistency allows inspectors to become familiar with the construction history of each facility. Those electing to participate in this program are exempt from co​nventional permits for work regulated by the construction code when such work does not increase the floor area and is performed on existing buildings, structures and utilities associated with the facility. This alternative permit process does not exempt or preempt compliance with other city, county, state or federal laws or regulations, nor does it exempt work within the facilities from progressing without the traditional inspection process prior to concealment. Through a cooperative effort with the participating facilities, staff provides plan review and inspection services through an assigned team in a time frame suitable to the facility. The authority to provide this service is detailed in the Phoenix Building Construction Code Administrative Provisions, Section 117.

Prior to start of any work required to be inspected under the program, inspections staff is notified by the facility that plans, drawings, diagrams or other data are ready for plan review. Upon notification, inspection staff may provide onsite plan review for smaller projects, at their discretion. Onsite review services not only save time for the customer, but also provide the inspector a better idea of the scope and nature of the project. If plans require the services of a registered architect or engineer or are too complex for onsite review, the inspector may require all applicable information be transferred to the facility section work site to perform a more detailed plan review. The inspector may seek the assistance of our registered plan review staff through an internal review process. Customers contact the inspectors directly to schedule all inspections. All inspections are performed according to traditional building permit services. The end result is a project completed within the desired time frame which also complies with recognized health and life safe​​ty standards.

The Planning and Development fee schedule provides a detailed list of fees associated with the Annual Facilities Program. A summary of the fees to consider when considering registration in the program include:

  • An annual registration fee to participate in the program.
  • An hourly charge for plan review and inspection services, including travel time, with a minimum of one hour charged.
  • Services provided on an overtime basis are currently charged per hour with a minimum of two or three hours, depending on the time of the day.

The program provides customized service that allows staff to streamline the traditional development process of plan review and permits. Customized service typically outweighs costs associated with participating in the Annual Facilities Program. Please see the How to Apply For the AF​P Program page for more information.​​