The purpose of this General Plan 2025 Update is to execute a coordinated update building off the existing Phoenix General Plan that will create a unified policy framework for the entire city.​​



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The City of Phoenix is in the process of updating the General Plan. The General Plan provides a powerful medium for residents to strategize on how the city will grow. Through this General Plan, Phoenix can continue to shape its natural and built environment to meet the needs of its residents and achieve their vision for the future.  

The Phoenix General Plan, generally referred to as “planPHX" was last adopted by the Phoenix City Council and approved by voters in 2015. Arizona Revise Statutes require the Phoenix General Plan to be updated and approved by the City Council and ratified by voters by Phoenix by 2025.

This process will unfold with the following steps: 

  1. Building on and refining the existing General Plan Framework
  2. Aligning General Plan's goals and strategies with other City Council adopted initiatives.
  3. Outlining what we will be working on to accomplish goals for the next 10 years.

In accordance with Arizona State Statue (9-461-06), Phoenix's General Plan 2025 will be adopted in accordance with the Phoenix City Council's established General Plan Process Written Procedures as provided in the General Plan 2025 Public Participation Plan. These written procedures are a general outline of strategies staff will employ to facilitate public participation as part of a broad General Plan 2025 Update public process. 

 For more information contact planphx2025@phoenix.gov.


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