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Phoenix Approves Bus Service Upgrades76 Approves Bus Service Upgrades residents talk about how the first roll-out of bus service enhancements, as per the Transportation 2050 voter-approved plan, will help them do more.0x0120D520A80800E40363B1A38EF34DB9D38BF80C909195text/html; charset=utf-8 Video
Phoenix gets more bus service90 graphic.pngPhoenix gets more bus service ​October bus service changes in Phoenix include an added three hours of service each day, and all bus routes serving the city of Phoenix will have frequency of 30 minutes or less, seven days a week. ​0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F2140096CD72C7E1FC51478CFAB206B89FCBAAImage
Phoenix aprueba mejoramientos de servicio al autobús82 aprueba mejoramientos de servicio al autobús de Phoenix hablan sobre como los mejoramientos del servicio al autobús, de acuerdo con el plan Transportación 2050 que fue aprobado por los votantes, les ayudará a hacer más y a llegar a más lugares.0x0120D520A80800E40363B1A38EF34DB9D38BF80C909195text/html; charset=utf-8 Video
K-9 Teams Assist Public Transit74 Teams Assist Public Transit ​​The Transit Enforcement​ Unit (TEU) K-9 teams concluded their training and are now on full-time duty along Phoenix’s transit system, as well as at large events throughout the Valley.​0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F2140096CD72C7E1FC51478CFAB206B89FCBAAImage
About33 ​The Phoenix Public Transit Department is the largest member of the Valley Metro regional transit system and provides residents transit services from a local commuter bus to alternative transportation for senior citizens and special needs.0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F2140096CD72C7E1FC51478CFAB206B89FCBAAImage

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New Light Rail Station Announced for 50th Street & Washington Light Rail Station Announced for 50th Street & Washington9/28/2016 7:00:00 AM
Potential impacts to bus service by tonight’s protest impacts to bus service by tonight’s protest7/15/2016 7:00:00 AM
K-9 teams patrol Phoenix transit system teams patrol Phoenix transit system6/24/2016 7:00:00 AM
Phoenix City Council approves improved bus service to start in October City Council approves improved bus service to start in October6/22/2016 12:00:00 AM

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