Bus Stops and Facilities

​​Central Station EntrywayTransit service depends as much on its infrastructure as it does vehicles for efficient service.  For you to make your connection to the city bus, the City of Phoenix operates transit centers, park-and-rides, and bus stops within city limits.

Bus stops come in many forms.  Some stops consist only of a post and sign and are sometimes accompanied by a bench.   Others have shade shelters and include space for advertising or transit messages.

As the largest provider of transit service in the Valley, upkeep of passenger facilities is a high priority.

Currently the City of Phoenix oversees:
• 4,059 bus stops within city boundaries
• 2,552 of those stops have passenger shelters (63 % of total)
• More than 1,020 of those shelters have advertising displays
The city makes quite an investment in bus stops to ensure our passengers are comfortable while waiting for the bus.  The cost of a shaded passenger shelter can range from $6,700 to $16,000 depending on a number of factors, including the location of a shelter. The installation of a shelter and its form is based on the area around a bus stop — whether there is private property nearby or enough land for construction.


City of Phoenix Transit Centers
City of Phoenix Park-and-Ride Locations