Estrella Laveen

Estrella Village has adequate water infrastructure for new development for the foreseeable future. However, expansion of sewer system capacity will be required as development occurs, including:

  • Expansion of Lift Station 61, which serves most of the area bounded by 107th Avenue, Broadway Road, 91st Avenue, and Buckeye Road.

  • Replacement of Lift Station 62, which serves an area bounded by 91st Avenue, the Salt River, 51st Avenue, and Buckeye Road.

  • A new lift station and gravity main to serve the area south of Broadway Road between 91st Avenue and 107th Avenue.

In Laveen Village, additional water and sewer mains will be needed in the vicinity of Carver Mountain as well as new water infrastructure in the far southern portion of Laveen Village to serve water pressure zone 1. Additional gravity sewer mains, as well expansion of Lift Station 43, will eventually be needed to serve additional development in southern and southwestern Laveen Village.