​North Gateway Village



Development at the Anthem, Dynamite Mountain Ranch, and Tramanto master planned communities, as well as the USAA campus to the south, led to the City's adoption of the North Black Canyon Corridor Plan in 1999. The Corridor Plan creates an employment and residential corridor east of I-17 and encompasses most of North Gateway Village east of the freeway. In order to focus growth to the Canyon Corridor and efficiently develop water and wastewater infrastructure, the North Black Canyon Corridor Plan includes an infrastructure limit line around the Corridor Plan area. The Plan sets a goal that the Council will review the infrastructure boundary area when either (1) 10 years pass from Council adoption of the limits; or (2) 65 percent of the developable land within the infrastructure boundary is built upon (i.e. building permits issued).

​By contrast, most of the land west of I-17 north of the Central Arizona Project canal, known as Biscuit Flats, is largely owned by the Arizona State Land Department with little water and wastewater infrastructure. Transmission mains delivering water from the Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plant will cross Biscuit Flats with the intent to provide redundant supply to already developing areas, and cannot open up to new development prior to any change to the infrastructure limit line.