​​​About Phoenix Water Services Employment

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​Phoenix Water: One of the Largest Utilities in the US

Serving an area of approximately 540 square miles, it takes a dedicated team of men and women to ​operate Phoenix Water Services. From providing safe and reliable tap water to handling wastewater treatment operations, our customers count on us to be there. Phoenix Water Services is seeking talented individuals to fill a broad range of job opportunities at all levels.

Phoenix Is Now The Fifth Largest City In The United States

Phoenix Water Services treats and distributes tap water to over 1.7 million customers daily. Phoenix Water Services manages the City's sewer system and handles wastewater treatment operations for 2.5 million residents in five Valley cities.

Multi-cultural Workforce

We work in an ethnically and culturally diverse community. City of Phoenix employees represent this rich diversity, and our multicultural workforce is key to maintaining our competitive edge in delivering quality services to our residents and customers.

Personal And Career Development

Phoenix Water Services fosters an environment where employees can be proactive in shaping their careers. They work closely with supervisors to create personal development plans. Employees are encouraged to build on team and organizational knowledge in your current position for career growth and advancement opportunities.

Service Recognition

We are proud of our employees who work hard to serve the community and make a difference. We encourage a spirit of continuous improvement in all our activities to exceed community expectations.

Make a living. Make a differenc​e. Apply today.

Benefits Designed With Your Success and Job Satisfaction in Mind

Working for the City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix offers a strong foundation of benefits and career development options. Our comprehensive and affordable benefits program includes medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, life insurance, long term disability, flexible spending accounts, legal insurance, various employee programs, and 401(a)/457 plans.

Accredited Tuition Reimbursement

Employees in full-time, benefits-eligible positions can qualify to receive tuition reimbursement for courses from accredited Arizona high schools, colleges, or universities. Job-share employees may use 50% of the annual benefit maximum.

Phoenix Employees' Retirement System

Full-time, regular, non-sworn employees belong to COPERS (City of Phoenix Employees' Retirement System). Your retirement contribution is a pre-tax deduction and employees also participate in the Social Security program, contributing via mandatory payroll deduction.