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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Electrical Apprentices:

​**************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****************** 
We are currently taking applications for the electrical apprentice program. Applications close on November 11.  ​

The Electrician Apprentice program is a four-year program designed to result in apprentices becoming Electricians within the City.

Over the four-year program, apprentices will learn electrical, wastewater and water treatment operations, and energy conservation technology and equipment.

The course is cumulative in nature, and students are required to build and expand upon concepts they learned previously. Apprentices rotate yearly and work alongside crews at different job sites in various departments including Aviation, Public Works, and Water. This allows them to have a better all-around on the job training and gain experience working with a variety of electrical applications and installations.

During apprenticeship training, apprentices work under the supervision of an Electrician at each work assignment. An evaluation process at the completion of each rotation period provides essential feedback to both apprentices and supervisors.

The training is divided into 3 categories:

  • Commercial Electrical Installations, 4,520 hours

  • Industrial Electrical Installations, 2,480 hours

  • Specialized Electrical Installations, 1,000 hours

This related training occurs during the scheduled semesters established by the Phoenix Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (PEJATC). The program content is delivered through 4 calendar years consisting of spring, fall and summer semesters*.​

Spring and Fall semesters are 5 months (96 hours) each in duration, and summer semesters are 2 months (40 hours) each.

Upon successful completion and graduation of the program, graduates have the opportunity to be placed in a position within one of the City's departments.  ​

 Meet the Graduates:

Ranique Rivers

Ranique Rivers.png“It was worth it because I enjoy what I do now as an electrician.  I enjoy that this might not be the most glamorous of places around here, but the work I do is actually critical work and I enjoy it."​


Mike Sordia JR

Apprenticeship-Mike Sordia.png

"The City of Phoenix's Electrical Apprenticeship was a great opportunity for me to be a part of. I've been fortunate to have learn the electrical trade under some great Journeyman throughout my apprenticeship. The schooling along with the on the job training the city provides is second to none. With the wide variety skills I've gained from Airfield lighting, to termi​nating medium voltage motors and lighting up city hall, the experience has been great and has prepared me to take on a Journeyman Electrician role with the City of Phoenix." ​

Alex Gutierrez

Apprenticeship-Alex Gutierrez.png"I’ve been very blessed working the apprenticeship, because of the benefits the city provides. Having kids, having a wife. It was quite a unique experience going through the apprenticeship. I feel like I can give back to my community while actually doing my job, learning a trade and becoming somebody. I have pride and I’m a craftsman. That’s one of the biggest things about the schooling and the apprenticeship." ​​

 Meet the Apprentices:

​Garrett Hays

Garrett Hays

"I am gratefulfor the opportunity to work with the City of Phoenix as an electrical apprentice. Prior to this opportunity, I worked as a generator technician and as a wildland firefighter. The reason why I changed careers is to learn a new trade while earning a fair living wage. The apprenticeship has been a truly great program serving the community and fostering personal development."


Christopher Poe

 ​Apprenticeship-Christopher Poe.png"Prior to becoming an Electrician Apprentice, I worked for a year with the Street Transportation Department as a Street Maintenance Worker 1. My electrical background started when I was young watching my dad in the construction field back in California. Being raised in the construction field, I feel that it helped me get to the point I am and allowed me to gain some experience prior to my time with Public Works as an Electrician Apprentice. I am so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to turn out as a Journeyman Electrician."​​

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