Stormwater Outreach  

The City of Phoenix conducts a variety of stormwater-related public awareness activities, including public events, newsletters, social media, HOA meetings, schools, and festivals, and presentations to industry groups. Staff distribute educational materials and speak with the public, providing information on stormwater and pollution prevention. 

The City of Phoenix is a member of the Stormwater Outreach for Region Municipalities (STORM) organization. STORM coordinates stormwater outreach activities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, including radio advertisements, social media, and professional conferences.

If you are interested in additional information, have questions, or see illegal dumping, contact the City of Phoenix's Stormwater Management Program.​​ 


 Phoenix Chinese Week 2017

Phoenix Chinese week.JPG 

  Japanese Gardens BoothVisitors to a stomwater outreach booth

2018 March for Science Outreach

2018 Stormwater outreach.jpg 

March for Science outreach event 2018.jpg