​​Water Conservation and Science Resources for Educators

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Guest Speaker Presentations

Phoenix Water Resource Specialists can visit your classroom and provide a presentation on Phoenix water resources and sciencePresentations are tailored for different grades and time limits, and we will cover a variety of topics, including: the sources of our water here in Phoenix, Arizona Water History, water conservation and efficiency, the city's water resiliency and sustainability efforts, water and wastewater treatment, and STEM careers in water. For younger grades, teachers may also request a visit from Wayne Drop, as he is available. E-mail conservation@phoenix.gov for more information or to schedule a classroom visit.

Free Resources and Lesson Plans

Phoenix offers complimentary education resources for teachers and curriculum coordinators who work in Phoenix schools. These resources are designed to support existing curriculum and to help teachers reach learning objectives and standards to innovative and interactive water STEM activities.

Teachers can also order complimentary classroom materials that grade and age appropriate. Materials can be ordered online and are delivered at no cost. 

Because water is essential to life, it is an intriguing and diverse theme through which educators can teach STEM skills and literacy skills at all grade levels. Use one of the below lessons and resources for ideas of how to bring water into your classroom.

The Water Cycle - Lessons that demonstrate how water is constantly moving and changing form as it travels in the earth system.

Your Water Resources - Lessons about where our water comes from, how it is stored, and how it gets to your home.

Water Science and Characteristics - Lessons about the characteristics and importance of water for life on the planet.

Water Conservation and Efficiency - Lessons exploring how we can use water wisely.
Caring for Our Watershed - Lessons exploring how to care for our watershed and the environment.

Teacher Professional Development Workshops

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Teachers and curriculum coordinators who work in Phoenix schools are invited to attend Phoenix Teacher Professional Development Water Workshops, offered in collaboration with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and Water Resources Research Center program, Arizona Project WET.  Each workshop provides hands-on experience with interdisciplinary lessons about water on the earth system. Teachers will also learn where Phoenix gets its water and the incredible process water takes to get our homes.  Register for a class below or call Pam Justice at 602-827-8233 for questions. Teachers will also receive: