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Tree Care 101

Saturday, Sept 17, 2022 -  10 - 11 A.​M.

Are you a tree enthusiast, or a new homeowner, new to the area, or do you just have trouble with keeping your trees alive? This presentation is for you! Trees Matter will be presenting on best management practices for trees in the Phoenix Area. We’ll go over tree types and species you likely see all the time. Join us to learn the common mistakes people make when planting and caring for trees, how to identify certain pests, and how to make sure your tree(s) are set up for success. We’ll also have an Arborist Jake from P Teff sustainable cities there to answer questions you may have.

Registration required. Register here​.

This program will be presented in partnership with Phoenix Public Libraries​.

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 Hydrate Phoenix

xeriscape-rgb.pngWatershed Management Group Logo​​

Phoenix Water has partnered with Watershed Management Group to host a 5 plan series workshop to hydrate your neighborhood. Learn how to design an earth-friendly yard using simple earthworks and low-water-use plants. Each presentation includes a mini-project to create an action plan for your home. 

Our 2021 Hy​drate series has ended - please check back for updates.


​Click on the links below to watch past sessions:

 PHX Water Tips


 Food Bearing Trees

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Trees have so many benefits including providing food year after year. Learn about selecting food-bearing trees while considering water savings through tree selection and watering techniques.  Phoenix Water has partnered with Trees Matter to provide each video listed below.​

Native to the Sonoran Desert, Ironwood Trees provide habitat, restoration and food. ​

​​​​Ironwood Trees

First introduced to the United States in the late 1700's, Mission Fig Trees are hardy and do exception​ally well in our desert environment.​​​

​​Fig Trees

Acorns in the Desert? The Southern Live Oak Flourishes in Phoenix.​

​​Southern Live Oak

Learn about growing Pomegranate Trees to add some of their fruit to your favorite dishes.​​

​Pomegranate Trees

For additional free water c​onservation resources
similar to these, visit our ​digital education page.​​​​