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Take the Save Water Pledge!​

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Phoenix faces unique water challenges due to our desert location. As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we are launching the Save Water Pledge.​

We invite every Phoenix resident to join this crucial effort. Your participation is key to our success. Sign up today and help us ensure a sustainable future for Phoenix.

When you take the pledge, you join a community of mindful citizens dedicated to making significant water conservation efforts. Together, we can make a substantial impact.​


Save Water: The Culture of Conservation

​Conservation is a lifestyle that is fueled by many collaborative, community-driven solutions. We conserve because Phoenix is committed to the sustainability and resilience of our community.

We need you to Save Water with​ us! We need you to be a part of the Culture of Conservation.

This page should serve as your conservation solution hub! Everything you need to conserve can be accessed here.

Visit our Conservation Spotlight page to see a different resource in the spotlight every month. 

​This month: the Phoenix Mayor's Save Water Pledge.

Visit our Pledge webpages to learn more about saving water with us!

Stop by the Conservation Solutions page​ to get a quick run-through of the top ways to save water!

Conservation means efficient and responsible water use, by all. Conservation means that we are thinking about the future TODAY and every day.​ The Conservation Solutions page is your quick view of our conservation programs.​

​​Conservation Events: Learn with us!

 Conservation Spotlight On:

The Phoenix Mayor's Save Water Pledge

The pledge includ​es simple, actionable steps that every individual can take, such as checking for leaks, using water-efficient appliances, and adopting smart watering practices for landscapes.​​​

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 Save Water: Indoors

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Indoor Page Link ​​​​

Indoor Links​​​​​​​

Additional Links ​​​​Indoor PDFs​​​​​​​

Indoor PDFs ​​​​​​​

 Save Water: Outdoors

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Outdoor Pa​ge Link​​​​Outdoor Links​​​​​​​

Additional Links​​​​Outdoor PD​​Fs​​​​​​​

Outdoor PDFs ​​​

 Conservation Library and Order Form

 Conservation Solutions

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