Contractor Certifications

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General Requirements

To perform any installation, modification, testing or servicing on fire alarm systems, automatic sprinklers, underground fire lines, hood systems, or special suppression systems within the City of Phoenix a contractor must first obtain a City of Phoenix Fire Department Business Certificate.

In addition each job site shall be overseen by a qualified representative of the contractor referred to as a Competent Party. Below are the registration procedures for both obtaining a Business Certificate and becoming a Competent Party.

Competent Party Questions

Business Certificate Application


If we are currently registered with you do we need to re-test and/or re-register?

All business certificates shall expire three years after the date of issuance. When a certificate has expired, all work authorized by that certificate shall stop until the certificate is reinstated or a new certificate is obtained. No refund of certificate fees shall be made.

The certificate shall be issued upon successfully passing an examination provided by a recognized testing agency in the category for which they are performing the work.  Currently Compliance Services and Assessments is the only recognized testing agency.

The Business Certificate Holder must meet one of these qualifications:

    • Hold a NICET III or higher for the appropriate fire protection system
      Be a Certified Professional Engineer
    • Have a valid Business Certificate Holder Compliance Services and Assessments (CSA) certification for the fire protection system you are registering for.

What are the fees associated with registering?

    • Business Certificate will be assessed a $150 registration fee payable to the City of Phoenix. This is only for the business permit through Fire Prevention. Additional fees for testing are collected through CSA or NICET.

If I pass the Business Certificate Holder CSA exam do I also need to take the Competent Party Assessment to satisfy the on-site requirement?

    • No. The requirement is for a person that is at least a Competent Party be on each job-site. The Business Certificate Holder CSA assessment is at a higher level and therefore, surpasses the minimum qualifications.

When will we need to have a Competent Party on each job-site?

    • We began to enforce the on-site requirement as of September 1, 2006. If you do not have at minimum Competent Party on the job-site for supervising the on-site installation, modification, alteration, addition to, testing, repairing or servicing of any fire alarm system, sprinkler system, standpipe system, fire main, fire pump or any other fire-extinguishing or detection system, device or appliance an inspection may not be conducted.