Employment for Veterans

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​If you are a veteran, the City of Phoenix is interested in hiring you!  

We know that you have unique skills and training that can benefit any organization, including Phoenix.  We have designed this web page to help you begin the employment process at the City.  This page will provide you with veteran-specific tools and resources that will help you secure a career with the City or another organization.  This page will also provide you with step-by-step information on how to apply for a job at the City of Phoenix and will show you how to access our weekly jobs posting.  Good luck in your employment search!

Step 1: Define and Translate Your Skills

Employers cite that one of the biggest barriers to hiring veterans is in understanding how their military skills and experience translate into civilian terms.  For future employees to know how valuable you are, you must describe your skills in language they can understand.  In other words, you must translate your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) into skills employers can recognize, appreciate and utilize.  For help with this step, please visit one of the following websites.

The Arizona Coalition for Military Families

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)



Step 2: Create  a Professional Resume

A resume is the sales brochure you use to "sell" your skills to a potential employer.  It is a summary of who you are, your skills, career goals and professional accomplishments.  Employers expect to be able to see a summary of your qualifications in a clean and concise presentation.  Organizing all the great things you've achieved and the many skills you have to offer can be challenging, though.  Get guidance creating an impressive resume that will help you land interviews and a job here:

Career Centers via Arizona@Work


Step 3: Polish Your Professional Persona

Has it been awhile since you were interviewed?  Can you answer questions confidently and effectively?  Do you have the appropriate interview attire?  Get some tips, practice, counseling and other guidance by visiting a City of Phoenix One-Stop Career Center or Maricopa County Workforce Connection Career Center. 

Career Centers via Arizona@Work

Step 4: Start Your Search

Start your job search with the City of Phoenix:
Current Jobs