Head Start Birth to Five Program

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City of Phoenix 

Head Start Birth to Five 


Once Upon a Time​



Sarah Harper - Culturally Responsive Classrooms: Creating culturally responsive classrooms in support of children, families and caregiv​ers

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Jenny Millinger and Kathryn Brantley

Activate Your Story Time – Using Drama-Based Instruction to Support Language and Pre-Literacy Development

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Michele LaCoursiere and Lindsay Mangold: Intentional Interactions: Increasing Collaboration

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Sonia Samaniego: Providing a Strong Foundation through Language and Literacy Through Storytelling

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Megan Goudschaal and Kim Hatt​ - Better Together: Team Building for Early Childhood Professionals

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Bethany Bustamante Van Vleet and Denise Ann Bodman - What is YOUR story? The Power of Self-Narratives in Building Resilience 

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